Why Does Dry Aged Beef Taste So Good?

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The dry-aging of beef is a process that has truly taken off all over the world. It is something that the best restaurants are offering. There is no sign of this trend slowing down either. After all, the taste and tenderness it achieves within the meat is truly sublime. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover more about dry-aged meat, what it is and how it works its magic…

What Is Dry Aged Meat?

There is only one place to start and this is by explaining what the dry-aging of beef is so you know before you go to the likes of Cattlemen’s Steakhouse. You have probably seen this type of beef advertised at some of the best steakhouses or at quality butcher counters. But, what actually is it?

Dry-aged beef is meat that is a lot tenderer and much more flavourful than beef that has been freshly cut. The flavour is deeper and richer. You can immediately tell the difference. 

The process of dry-aging beef entails taking a freshly slaughtered piece of beef and then hanging it in a refrigerator that is near freezing. The meat is then left in this refrigerator for a minimum of three weeks. The results are incredible! 

You may have heard of wet-aged beef before. So, let’s provide a bit of information on the dry-aged beef vs wet-aged beef battle. You now know about the process entailed regarding the former. When it comes to wet-aging the beef is vacuum-sealed in plastic and the process takes between four and ten days. 

The obvious benefit of wet aging is the fact that it takes less time. It is also a lot cheaper because of the absence of monitoring and storing. However, most people will agree that beef that has been dry-aged is of a much better quality. Wet-aged beef lacks the depth of flavor and can often taste slightly metallic. 

What Makes Dry Aged Meat So Tasty?

Now you know a little bit more about dry-aged meat. But what is it about the dry aging process that makes the beef so delicious? Well, as the meat is left in the refrigerator it begins to lose more and more moisture with every day that passes. This saturates and concentrates the flavour of the meat. The natural enzymes slowly tenderize the beef. 

You are actually able to tell the difference merely by looking at a freshly cut piece of meat and one that has been dry-aged. The latter will appear deeper in color, which hints at the depth of flavour within the meet. The smell is even richer. And, needless to say, the taste is out of this world. 

If you have never tasted dry-aged steak, you should definitely order it next time you dine out. You’ll be wondering why you never tried it sooner!


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