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Top Skin Products for Travel

It is much easier to stick to a strict skin routine when we are at home. At home, the products are easily accessible to you, you are in a natural environment that you are comfortable in and know well, and it is easy to go and get what else you need if you run out. However, what if you are travelling? There are new climates and new weather conditions that you must be able to weather and protect your skin from. This article is full of tips and tricks and the best things to use when it comes to travel essentials for keeping your skin in tip-top condition! So, here goes;

Moisturisers – Keep the Dry Skin at Bay

One of the main issues your skin can face whilst on holiday is dryness. This is heightened if you are going on a beach holiday. The salt in the air from the salt of the sea can really dry out the skin and drag the moisture out from it. It may feel moisturised if it is very hot and the surface of your skin is slick from sweat, but this does not mean your skin is moisturised. The sweat can also help draw your skin’s moisture away and then make it drier. It is essential if you want to keep your skin in good health to bring a travel-sized moisturiser or buy one there. 

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The best products that you can use are natural based products. The products are good because they lack the harmful chemicals that can actually be making your skin worse in the long run than making them feel better. Also, something else you should consider when taking beauty products on holiday is to bring or buy products that have SPF in them, as not only are they giving your skin moisture, they are protecting the skin from the harmful power of the suns UV rays, which are stronger in hotter climates and can do so much damage to the skin, especially sensitive areas such as the face. 

Sunscreens and Sun Protection

Leading from the last comment, make sure you bring some dedicated sunscreen or cream is essential. However, a question you have to ask when it comes to choosing the right sunscreen is whether to pick a mineral or chemical cream? So, what are the difference between mineral vs chemical sunscreen? Chemical sunscreens often harbour what they say on the tin, chemicals that have the potential to seep into the skin and thus enter the bloodstream. Their effects are often tiny but they can still play havoc to hormone levels within the body which can be seen as a huge negative. Also, they are not the best to use on babies if you have children with you on holiday.


On the other hand, mineral sunscreens are the opposite. They use minerals that are natural, such as zinc and others as a base for their creams, which are far lighter and kinder on the skin and on the body. These are also much better to use for babies. So, when it comes to choosing the right sunscreen always make sure you check the ingredient list and check to see whether it is a chemical or a mineral sunscreen.

Natural vs Unnatural

The age-long debate, what products are better to use for you naturally or unnatural? Well, again the answer lays in the hands of yourself. What have you found works best for you? Natural products are always proven to be better for the skin long term, as they use naturally sourced ingredients that are not harsh on the skin. But, if you are someone who has a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis medicated skin products which are mainly unnatural in most cases are the best to use as they are directly treating a condition. However, if you have overall good skin, acne, dryness or sensitive skin, then natural products are probably the best option to use. Let’s delete a little deeper in the world of natural/unnatural products that you can choose from when heading to your holidays. 

Try to use Natural Products

Many products out on the market are actually quite harsh and harmful to your skin. Some products use alcohol and other chemicals as a base ingredient, and in time these chemicals will actually dry and age your skin, so they are not the best. Products that have a natural base of ingredients are far better for your skin, and due to the rise in popularity and the demand high for natural products they no longer need to break your bank! Some of the best formulas that help hydrate and soothe your skin are in the form of body butter. They are often very affordable and can be anywhere, but they work wonders on the skin! You can get them with citrus scents and more, and they are just all-round luxury! 


The best way to use them would be to use them right after the bath or shower. After you get out of the pool or come back from camel riding or whatever you spend your holiday doing, after the events of the day, before you go to your dinner or spend the night inside recovering, give your skin the TLC right away! Spend some time afterwards rubbing it into your skin and make sure you get everywhere! The best part about them is that you can use them on the face, and you can use them on your body, to give every inch of your skin moisture and soothing feelings. It is also a great ritual to do every evening as a parent, to just unwind from the busy day. Picking up and dropping off the children to school, going to work and back, at the same time as giving your skin some love, you are giving your mental health a little bit of love as well with some much needed you time! Also, never forget, you can buy travel sizes, to you can take them on those all-important holidays!

Don’t forget your entire body! It is not Just Your Face That Needs Pampering

This point links with the above, never forget the rest of your body! Many people have their focus set on face creams, eye primers, face masks and more, and never really think twice about products that could help the skin on the rest of their body. The face is just a small part of the skin that covers your body, and there are many amazing products out there for the body as well as the face! As well as body butter that is amazing, you can buy affordable body oils which are also great for adding moisture to the skin. Also, natural body soaps are great for the bath or shower, so when you are washing the day away, at the same time giving your skin much-needed refreshment and leaving you feeling happier and more relaxed!

Make Your Own Simple Remedies!

Something fun and different you can try is even trying your own homemade remedies. Thanks to the internet, there are many different things you can make with really simple natural products that you can get your hands on at home. Some home-made fact scrubs and moisturisers if small enough can be packed away and taken, or if you are feeling really adventurous you can make some there!


So, that concludes this lists of tips and tricks to keep your skin hydrated and healthy on vacation! All of these examples are easy to get hold of and easy to find, so make sure you do research before you travel, and find what method works best for you, as everyone is different!


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