Tips to Run A Successful RV Park

Running a mobile home park can come with its own unique highlights. It can be quite the challenge especially if you are tasked with turning around the fortunes of a failing mobile home park.

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The trick is to make sure you see the park as a business and not a way of life. You want to run a successful and profitable park that attracts the right kind of tenants. 

So how do you go about running a profitable mobile home park that brings you healthy profits and also fulfills the needs of the tenants too? Win-win all round!

Charge Appropriate Rent.

Many mobile home park owners drastically undercharge. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, look around at what other places are charging rent wise and come up with your rent based on this. The amount you can charge will be based on many things such as the condition of the park itself, the current rent and the average for the area you are in.

What you can charge also depends on the options you are offering;

  • Rent out the lot and the mobile home
  • Rent out the lot and they bring their own mobile home
  • Rent out the lot and sell the mobile home

Remember: you can increase rents every year too.

Repairs and Maintenance

If you want to get the best price possible for your mobile home park, then you want to be keeping on top of repairs and maintenance and the condition of the utility supply too. No one is going to pay more money for a dilapidated park with many issues, especially if they can rent on a different site, that has better facilities for less money.

So look at the condition of your mobile homes and get mobile home replacement parts if required. Then focus on the condition of the site itself. Can you improve facilities, make the site more appealing or reconfigure the placement of the vans to minimize damage or even fit more lots in the space you have.

Make a point of dealing with any tenant queries swiftly if you are taking responsibility for any damage and repairs. If not, pass this responsibility onto the tenants themselves and make sure they keep on top of things. 


Do you know what type of tenant you want to attract? If so, how are you going to attract them? If you want to attract tenants who are in a higher financial position, then you will need to make sure you put the effort in with a clean, tidy and well-maintained site along with better quality mobile homes and excellent extra facilities.

Whilst you have the power to control who you rent out your mobile homes too – a credit check is a good way of finding out more about potential renters. You need to be mindful of any current tenants. there are discriminatory laws in place to protect people being forced out of their homes simply because landlords don’t want them there.


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