Three Spring Tasks to Start This Week

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Something about the seasons changing makes most of us feel a little brighter and more social, dreaming of all the summer parties and barbecues, Easter brunch tables and other occasions we will be hosting friends, family and loved ones in our homes – so it’s natural to start getting them in good shape for the times ahead. Post-winter is the best time to take an honest look at all those little jobs around the house that could do with some attention. Small problems are easily fixed, and getting onto the home maintenance has many benefits – not only will your house look and feel fresher, but you can also lower your home insurance premium while also preventing things developing into costly issues further down the line. So, what should you start looking at around the home in order to get it ready for the warmer weather? Are there certain jobs that you need to prioritise? And what’s the best investment whether you’re planning to sell your home this year or just want to relax and enjoy it yourself?

Check On Your Roof

Winter weather conditions can be harsh on a building’s structure, so it’s a good idea to have a thorough check of your roof before the spring shower season starts. It’s common for there to be broken tiles or shingles that need repairing and that may lead to leaks if not taken care of. It’s a relatively minor and inexpensive job to repair missing sections – a reputable roofing company can do this quickly and safely if you don’t have access to high ladders. If you have an older property, an inspection will also give you warning about the lifespan of your existing roof and when it may be time to think about replacing it. If you live in an area prone to extreme weather like hail and storms, impact-resistant roofing can be a smart option that some insurance companies provide a discount on their premiums for.

Clean Out Your HVAC

Your home heating system will have seen a lot of action over the winter months, while summer is approaching which means using the air conditioning. The more temperate conditions in between are a chance to thoroughly clean out and maintain your system, cleaning our vents of dust and debris, and booking a service of your air conditioning with a specialist like Atlantis Air Conditioning Repair Services. This gives proper ventilation to your home which can reduce damp formation and also make your heating and cooling more efficient, meaning you’ll use less and save money.

Repair Your Deck

Decks tend to come into much more use as spring develops, so now is the time to give it a power wash and check for the condition of any boards that have become loose or rotten and may need to be replaced in time for summer parties and barbecues. While you’re at it, inspect the pathways around your house and garden for loose or chipped slabs which could create a falling hazard. Repairs aren’t as expensive as you may think. And better to repair them than to face medical bills if someone trips and injures themselves. 

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