Spring Cleaning Essentials

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It’s almost that time of year again. Once the dust settles on winter and spring begins to reign, it is the ideal time for us to take stock of our homes and make some changes. Spring cleaning is an important part of the year and it is something we must all do to refresh the home and prepare it for summer. 


If you are preparing for your annual spring clean this year and you want to ensure you don’t miss anything important, we have compiled a list of the most essential jobs you should complete. Here’s our list of spring cleaning essentials you need this year. 


Clean the gutters


The gutters are a part of the home that often get neglected and forgotten about. Guttering is an important part of the structure of the home because it drives water away from the foundation of the home and into the drains. However, when you leave the gutters for too long without cleaning them they can become clogged with leaves and tree debris, and water builds up, coming close to the home. To avoid this happening, get out the ladders and clean out your gutters before spring begins! 


Fix your tiles 


Roof tiles are perhaps one of the most important exterior features of the house because they protect it from the elements. Winrter is often a harsh and unpredictable season, and roof tiles can easily become damaged or fall off during this time. Hire a roofer like Hometown Roofing ATX to come and fix your tiles early in the spring and it will make a big difference to the house. 


Get dusting 


As the days become longer and the sun is brighter, you will start to notice a horrible trend throughout the surfaces of your house… dust. It is easy to miss the presence of dust during the winter, but when the sun shines into the home in spring you will begin seeing every tiny molecule of dust in HD view. The first job you want to do in the house during your spring clean is dust every surface of the house. 


Say goodbye to clutter 


In winter our homes often become more cluttered for several reasons. Firstly, when we decorate the home for winter we often bring our candles, blankets, and other items that make the house feel warm and full. As well as this, Christmas always creates clutter and it is easy to forget to move things around as the year begins. Now is the time to clear out all of your winter decor and get rid of clutter that is clogging up floor space in the home. Spring is all about feeling fresh and clear, so clutter will not fit in with this aesthetic. 


Clear your medicine 


Flu season has passed, and many of us likely have random bottles of medication that are either expired or half empty. Spring is the perfect time to go through your medicine cabinet and have a clear out. If you still have any biscuit tins from Christmas it may even be worth transferring your medicine to a tin to reduce clutter. 


Swap over your footwear


It is important if you want to maintain a clean and tidy house that you consider rotating your clothing every 6 months. Now that winter is over, it is a great idea to get rid of your chunky boots and shoes from this time of the year and store them in the loft until autumn. Replace them with your spring and summer shoes and sandals for a tidier looking shoe rack. 

Deep clean the oven 


Considering we prepare food in the oven everyday, this appliance can be one that goes neglected a lot throughout the year. Every 4-6 months you should look to do a full scale deep clean of your oven. This will involve some strong chemicals and time, but it is crucial that you carry out this chore to rid the oven of grime and grease. It will make a massive difference to the oven and you’ll feel much better about cooking in it! 


Clean other appliances 


The washing machine and dishwasher are 2 other appliances that need a deep clean now and again. Both of these appliances will have a cleaning function, and you can buy small Calgon tablets to place inside these appliances before running them for a full scale clean. You should do this every few months to maintain healthy appliances. 


Clear the dryer filter 


Your dryer filter is something that can become clogged with fluff and tissue throughout the year, and every so often you should take out the filter and wash it. The easiest place to wash out a heavy dryer filter is in the bath, and once you have done this you will notice a big difference in the quality of your dryer. 


Deep clean the fridge 


Every now and again you need to clear and clean your fridge. This can be carried out in several steps. The first step to cleaning your fridge is emptying it completely and then getting rid of old food and expired items. Once you have done this, you can focus on cleaning the shelves and drawers of your fridge. It is important not to use bleach inside your fridge as this can contaminate food when you put it back. Instead, use a mix of lemon juice and water to clean the shelves gently and leave them smelling fresh. 


Get rid of empty toiletries


As adults we like to think that we will throw away an empty deodorant bottle or shampoo bottle as soon as we finish it… but this sometimes isn’t the case. If you have a tendency to make a decorative statement with your empty bottles it’s time to clean up! 


Clean your cables 


Technology has become such a big part of our lives in the recent years that it is hard to imagine not having a mass of cables in the living room. However just because you have lots of gadgets doesn’t mean you have any excuse to be messy! Invest in a cable tidier or even use some tricks to hide cables in the back of cupboards and this will make a big difference to the look and feel of your living room. 


Wipe the remote controls 


How many times this year have you given your TV remote a good clean? Zero? That’s what we thought. It is important to treat a TV remote like any other utensil in the home because it can very quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. Make sure to give it a good wipe with an antibacterial wipe. 


Clean the windows 


Your windows are the only source of natural light you have to the inside of the house and they are also the source of your view to the outside. You should make sure to wash your windows about once a month to maintain a clear view and to stop mould from forming around the windowsills. When cleaning the windows, you must also consider the exterior of the house and this includes upstairs. You can invest in a long arm squeegee to reach those upper windows and even consider using a jet wash. 


Throw out old newspapers and magazines


If you often keep reading material on your coffee table such as magazines and newspapers, now is a good time to go through them and see what you can get rid of. Old pieces are no use to you now and you can use them in your compost bin to layer with fruit and veg! 


Clear the loft


If you have a loft or a basement in your home, it may have turned into something of a dumping ground over the years. To avoid piling up your stock of random items you will never use it is important to clear it out now to make some space for the future. If there are items you haven’t used for years that hold no sentimental value there is no point keeping them. Throw them away or give them to charity and at least someone else can find use for them. 


Clean out kitchen cupboards 


Kitchen cupboards are like a clutter magnet. How many times have you stocked up on goods only to leave them in the cupboards for months and never use them? Make sure that you takle the time to properly clear out your kitchen cupboards and get rid of anything out of date, and if you find things you will never use, donate them to a food bank. 


Get bleaching


Bleaching is a satisfying part of cleaning and it makes the whole house smell sterile and clean. Now you have decluttered the home and prepared it for a deep clean, it is time to break out the gloves and bleach. It is important to use bleach for the bathroom and kitchen in particular because these parts of the house are the biggest breeding grounds for bacteria. Be sure to clean thoroughly and also rinse thoroughly for a healthy household. 

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