Preparing Your Home For Sunshine

The sunshine is coming, but our homes and our gardens are very much in winter mode! The house is still filled with layered rugs and heavy curtains, and the garden has covered rose bushes to protect them from the frost that lays in the cold. Most people get ready for Spring by embracing the cleaning that comes with the change of the season. However, you want to make sure that you are getting the whole house sorted, which includes the plumbing, the loft and the insulation in the walls.


You may think about bringing the outdoor furniture back to the decking now that you can enjoy the sunshine, but the first place to start is inside the house. So, throw open those windows and let in the fresh air: there’s a whole season ahead filled with warm air and sunny days to enjoy. Let’s take a look at the best ways to get your home ready for Spring.

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The Dirty Jobs: Part 1

Always start with the jobs you’re going to hate – namely the ones that get you a little dirty! Head up to the attic and check on the insulation situation before you do anything else. If there have been any leaks in the winter, the insulation will be compromised. Even the insulation in the walls can be affected with leaks, so check out the experts at to ensure that your insulation is intact and get new insulation sprayed if necessary. The attic needs to be checked because in the winter, critters like to bury themselves in the insulation as a comfy bed. It’s always a good idea to give it the once over and check your insulation before the Spring, so you know you are going to continue to have a warm house through those chilly nights.

The Dirty Jobs: Part 2

Once you’ve done the attic, check out the gutters! The last thing that you want to do is to have to deal with overflowing gutters once the Spring showers come. You want to know that your gutters are cleared of leaves, debris and all the yucky bits that come with Winter and Autumn taking residence in the roof. Get the professionals in for the guttering and the roof. You want to ensure that you don’t risk breaking your neck just to clean the edge of the gutters!

Add Something Pretty

Your home may have dealt with layers of rugs and throws for months now. It’s time to add some greenery and flowers to the equation and enjoy the nature you can bring inside the house at last. When you get your garden started for the season, it can take a while to bloom. So, if you bring a little of it indoors it can make a real difference to the way the house feels after so much cold and rain. You don’t have to add real plants and flowers if you don’t want to, but you should consider adding some life to the house for the breathability if nothing else.

Refresh Each Room

Sometimes, the best way that you can get ready for Spring is just to go room to room to refresh them all. We’re not talking just a vacuum and a polish, but something like rearranging the furniture! You can change the entire look of a house by swapping the furniture over and moving things around. You could even just change up the throw pillows and remove the rugs to cool the rooms down. These simple changes also give you the chance to vacuum and dust under each piece of furniture as you shift them.

Flip The Mattresses

If your mattresses are not the pillow-topped kind, then think about refreshing them by flipping them over and adding fresh bedding. Something so simple can help your mattress to breathe. Before you put the new sheets on, give the mattress time to air out and leave the windows open in the room to help. If your mattresses are older, you can think about buying new mattresses entirely. This is your sleep space, and it’s going to change in the next few months with the warmer nights – you may as well enjoy them in a way that you want to.


Getting your home ready for the sunshine seasons should be your pleasure. There is nothing quite like a better refreshed home that looks fantastic, so why not start today and make your home perfect from top to bottom just in time for Spring?


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