How To Paint High Gloss Furniture

How to paint high gloss furniture

How to Paint High Gloss Furniture | A Tutorial

So I’ve recently started “JUNKIN” for fun.  Meaning I drive around to thrift stores, consignment shops, or garage sales and pick up old pieces of furniture to paint.  I had no idea who Henry Link was, until a friend sent me another identical set selling for $650!!!!  I picked up these two end tables at a thrift store and decided on Hot Pink with Gold Handles. 

This was my first attempt at painting furniture and it came out absolutely stunning!  And to be completely honest, this was super easy.  Most folks say you need to sand, prime and then spray multiple thin coats.  But I asked the guy at Lowe’s and he said just try this primer and paint spray paint in one, and that’s what I did! 

Pro Tip: You can buy high gloss furniture paint here. 

This color is Krylon Mambo Pink.  You can also find this paint at Hobby Lobby!  Isn’t it just gorgeous?!?  I used several cans and did at least 8-9 coats, letting dry in between.  Next time, I would definitely use Kilz to prime 3-4 coats, instead of using the more expensive spray paint. 

The trick is to use long continuous spray movement across the table not stopping over top of it, but rather once you get to the other side.  I will take a video and update the post shortly so you can see what I mean. I removed the handles and did them in gold spray paint. 

I’d also recommend going over it with polyurethane or a clear high gloss paint.  Planning to try that on the next set!  Happy Painting Y’all!

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Check this video tutorial.

How to paint furniture that has a glossy finish(without sanding off finish!) – YouTube


How To Paint High Gloss Furniture

I hope to enjoy this tutorial on How To Paint High Gloss Furniture!

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How To Paint High Gloss Furniture

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