How to Make a Bedroom That Encourages Sleep

How do you decorate your bedroom? Do you have a certain style in mind or are you willing to experiment? Rather than prioritizing a look, you should really be prioritizing what the room is actually for: getting some sleep. 


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Don’t let there be light

First of all, let’s address one of the big mistakes of modern life: the screens that we have everywhere in our homes. As much as you might like to relax to a movie late at night, having sources of blue light in the bedroom and using them before bed can see you remaining awake for up to an hour longer each night. It’s no wonder many of us have trouble feeling rested in the morning.


Try a different kind of bed

The bed is clearly the number one essential when it comes to restyling your bedroom, but you should be looking beyond the frame. You should be taking a closer look at what kind of bed and mattress you have in the first place. For instance, choosing the best futon mattress is going to make a big difference compared to selecting what’s cheapest on the market. When it comes to the bed and bedding, you should be looking for the support your lower back and shoulders need, as well as making a bed that’s breathable.


Create a relaxing haven

The better that you relax before heading to bed, the easier it will be for you to fall asleep. As to that, try to steep all senses in relaxing stimuli. Decorating with blue or other cool, calming colors could work, for instance. You may also want to opt for incorporating a little aromatherapy, especially with scents like lavender and ylang-ylang which are widely known to help encourage both relaxation and sleeping. A nice area rug or some additional touches of softness could help as well.


Aim for the minimalist approach

Believe it or not, but clutter and mess can actually make it harder to fall asleep, due to the fact that clutter can actually be pretty stress-inducing. Having a hamper you can easily tidy mess away into is always recommended. However, disorganized spaces can have just the same effect. Using additional storage or things like desk organizers can be a big help, as well. The tidier that the space feels, the easier it will be to fall asleep in it.


Keep distractions to a minimum

If you want a bedroom that feels like your own cozy haven, then you have to keep the world outside to the outside. Heavier curtains or blinds, for instance, are better at blocking out noise and lights from the street when compared to lighter treatments. Similarly, draft excluders are great for preventing noise from coming under the door.


Your bedroom must be about more than its style. It must be built to purpose first and foremost. Never make a sacrifice for a look what can end up making it harder for you to get a good night’s sleep.

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