Four Ways To Prepare Chicken

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Chicken. It’s the unsung hero of the average family dinner but it can also be one of those meats that is just the same every single mealtime, with no zing to it! Chicken is an incredibly diverse meat. And while most of us tend to just go for cooking it in the oven to save time, let’s highlight just how diverse chicken can be!


In A Soup

While we hear so much about chicken soup we might feel we don’t have the time to really give it the cooking time it deserves. The great thing about soup is that it can either be like a broth such as this ramen soup recipe, or you can really make it something that is sumptuous, stodgy and filling. And if you are are on the lookout for something that isn’t so calorific you’ll love these low fat chicken recipes, including the spicy chicken avocado soup for two. It’s incredibly thick but it’s not a bunch of chicken strips and vegetables in a light flavorless broth. Not that we’re saying there’s anything wrong with chicken soup, but if the weather outside is terrible you want something really hearty!


Pulled Chicken

If you’re a fan of the slow cooker it might be time to embrace this truly trendy approach. No doubt you’ve been somewhere that serves pulled pork in their burgers but if you aren’t too keen this, chicken is a fantastic alternative. And the great thing about pulled chicken is that it’s a low effort dish. Put chicken in your slow cooker and leave for a few hours. Mix it up with some herbs and spices and use this as a topping of your favorite burger with some Monterey Jack cheese and you’ve got something truly beautiful on your hands!


The Stir-Fry Approach

If you have a bunch of leftover chicken breasts, stir-frying isn’t just a great way to keep all the flavor packed in but you can fill it with so many different vegetables and it’s incredibly healthy! Instead of using canola or rapeseed oil, put some coconut oil in a wok and throw the chicken in. A few minutes before the chicken is done throw in some vegetables with soy sauce and Chinese five-spice and you’ve got a fantastic oriental tasting dish that is incredibly low in calories! If you’re looking to lose weight or find a really healthy approach to plain old chicken, a stir-fry is one of those quick and easy middle-of-the-week meals. And the great thing about stir-fries is that you can do whatever you want with it. Use it as the opportunity to experiment!


On Kebabs

If you’ve considered making shish kebabs but they’re not to your taste, put some chicken on a few skewers with peppers and pineapple and roast under the grill until they are all caramelized and sticky! Fantastic during BBQ season but one of those wonderful options during the week if you want chicken but are completely fed up with bone dry oven-roasted chicken breasts!


Let’s hear it for the chicken! Chicken is such a diverse meat that if you are slowly getting bored of this mealtime staple try a few these and shake it up! 


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