Essential Tips for Group Travel

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning on having a family reunion or whether you are simply having a stag do in the next few months because you need to make sure that everyone is happy and that you are doing everything you can to meet everyone’s needs.

Have a Communication Channel

If you can, you need to do yourself a favour and have a communal space. You need somewhere everyone can talk with one another and communicate. This could be a Facebook group or even a WhatsApp chat. Having an established form of communication will help everyone to know where they need to post their concerns and it also means that they can ask questions about the trip without having to go through everyone individually.

The Money Situation

Decide as a whole group how you are going to handle your payments and who is going to be in charge of the money. Are you going to have one person pay for everything upfront and then have everyone else pay back later? Or are you going to split the bill as a group? If you want to make things even easier on yourself then it may be worth downloading some apps as this will take care of the maths for you while also saving hassle when it comes to splitting all of the bills manually. The best thing about using apps is that you can also use them to book your flights and your accommodation bookings too, so you won’t have to worry about that at all.


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Determine your Travel Preferences

Before you book anything, you need to try and figure out what everyone is into so that you can get an idea about how everyone is going to travel. What accommodation do people want to stay in? Are your friends lovers of nature or are they into architecture and city views? The better you know your group, the less likely you are to have to deal with arguments and headaches at a later date. If you want to make sure that your group are happy then it also helps to discuss transportation. If you need to make things easier from a group travel perspective then you should certainly look into U.S. Coachways.

Book your Flights

Lock your travel plans in place as soon as you can by booking your flights. You would be relieved to know who is coming and where. If you have a start and an end date then it will be much easier for you to fill in the blanks in terms of the activities you want to do. Plus, the earlier the booking is made, the more likely you’ll be to save money on airfare. Flight prices will go up as you get closer to your departure date. If you are having issues choosing your destination or if you just can’t decide where to go then ask your friends and family, and then work out a middle-ground solution that will appeal to everyone who is going on the trip.




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