Eco-Friendly Sustainable Decor

Eco-Friendly Decor as Cute as it is Sustainable

If you’re looking to do a little remodeling, or just want to add a few fun touches to a certain room, you might be considering making some eco-friendly or sustainable choices in your purchases. It’s definitely a choice you’ll feel good about, and choice is the operative word, here, because many designers and manufacturers are jumping on this trend and putting some really great, environmentally friendly stuff out there. 

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Whether you’re in the market for a lamp, a piece of furniture, or curtains, we’ve got you covered. Below are some ideas for eco-friendly decor that will have you feeling great about your purchase (and about how fabulous your house looks). 

Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains are an amazing addition to any home that is looking to conserve energy (and money), as well as protect their home from the elements and create a calm ambiance. Thermal curtains, or blackout curtains, block out so much more sun than other types of curtains and they insulate your windows much more efficiently, too, which saves you money on your energy bill every month in addition to being more environmentally sound. They are available for a variety of price points in many different styles, lengths and colors. 

Cordless Lighting

Cordless lighting is another big trend right now. Cordless lights have become so popular because of all the benefits associated with them. Not only are they safer for the average home, as corded lamps can be a hazard to small children, the disabled, and your household pets, not to mention being inconvenient and cluttering. Cordless lights avoid all of that, while also being incredibly energy efficient – they use much less wattage than corded lamps or lights, have to be replaced less often and cover more ground area than regular lights). Another perk of cordless lighting is the variety – no matter if you love something traditional, or if those who like new technology. You can stay in your comfort zone or you can change to LED lights. It’s a very clean, classy look! Best of all cordless lighting is super affordable, and available in tons of different styles, types and price points. 

Eco-Friendly Wood and Furniture

You may not have given much thought to where you wood comes from, or if it’s a type of wood that is more environmentally friendly than others, but you should. Did you know that most wood furniture has a stamp telling you where it came from? And from that stamp, you can find out if the wood was certified safe for harvesting? Little details like this can go a long way towards sustainability if you know what to look for. Purchasing a piece of wood furniture that has little environmental impact will not only look great in your home, but you’ll feel a burst of pride every time you look at it, knowing you made a moral choice. 

Safe Paints and other Supplies

If you can, you should buy low VOC (volatile organic compounds) when choosing a paint. We can’t always control the paint that is already there in an older or rented home, but we can make responsible choices about what we use in future. These paints are much safer for us, as well as cleaner for the environment.

Further to that, choosing paints, cleaning supplies and other household products that are eco-friendly, and don’t contain toxic or hazardous chemicals is always a good idea. If you’re unsure, do some research or talk with the rep at your local home improvement store to find out what your options are for eco-friendly products in every area from paints to flooring to gardening supplies. 

Hardwood Floors

If you’ve been pondering pulling up that dingy old carpet, now is totally the time. Not only are carpets starting to decline in popularity, but they’re hard to clean, are magnets for germs and stains and in many cases, are not conducive to a sustainable lifestyle. Carpets are chock full of chemicals, pollutants, molds and mildew, and so much more. Not to mention, those pricey cleaning solutions that you put on the carpet when you steam/wet vac are also really bad for the environment and in some cases, your physical health. It is all around safer – and cheaper – to rip up those carpets and expose the beautiful, classic hardwood floors beneath. It’ll drive up the value of your house, get rid of those pesky allergies, save you time on cleaning and it’s good for the planet. 


Instead of a lot of cheap, plastic, energy-zapping electronic gadgets and doo-dads, why not consider decorating in a classy, minimalist way with a few live plants? If you have a black thumb, even a few nice succulents (which are seriously easy to keep alive) will do the trick. Other plants like peace lilies, bamboo, and ferns are great for any aesthetic, are easy to care for, and have the added benefit of literally cleaning the air in your house. Studies have shown that they aren’t only beneficial to your physical health, either – they also help you feel more relaxed and at ease; they offer comfort. 


If you’re allergic, don’t worry. Even a couple of well-placed fake plants can have the same effect (except for maybe the physical health benefits, obviously), and nobody will ever know!


Energy Efficient Appliances

If you’re due for an upgrade on your fridge or dishwasher soon, why not consider a “smart” appliance? While a little pricier to purchase, these energy efficient appliances can save you so much money each year by conserving power. You’ll see the difference in your power bill every month. Not only that, but they work faster, quieter, and more efficiently, and they are so much better for the environment. Many utility companies even offer discounts and incentives to customers who upgrade to these. 


And there you have it. Just a few ideas for how to make your home look great, with eco-friendly, sustainable and energy efficient decor, appliances and additions that will look amazing and function beautifully in any home, no matter the style. 


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