5 Ways to Feel At Home When You Travel

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Traveling is meant to be all about new experiences and getting out of your comfort zone, but sometimes, especially if you are away for extended periods, you can start to feel a bit homesick. It is still possible to experience what a new place has to offer while allowing yourself to have a few home comforts that can allow you to relax. In fact, it may help you to enjoy the trip even more:

Rent a home instead of a hotel

Staying in a hotel can begin to feel a bit isolating and cramped after you get over the initial excitement of being in a hotel room. To help combat this, you could instead look at vacation rentals. Renting a vacation home will give you more room to relax and recuperate after a busy day and is great for groups of people. You will also have access to a kitchen, so you can cook food whenever you want, instead of having to rely on takeaways and restaurants. Many are just as affordable as staying in a hotel, and it will make you feel more comfortable, especially for prolonged stays.

Unpack your things

Taking the time to unpack your clothes, toiletries, and other miscellaneous items will help you to feel more relaxed and settled where you are staying. It can become frustrating to live out of a suitcase, and you will spend a lot of time searching for the things that you need. If everything is put in a suitable place, they will be easier to find, and your room will be less chaotic.

Keep up with your routine

There are many things that people do in their daily routine that help to keep them happy and healthy. If there are things that you do that benefit or help you in some way, then you should try to continue the habit while you are traveling. If you have a bedtime routine that helps you to sleep, continue the practice where you are staying. If exercise helps to reduce your stress and anxiety, try to find some way to incorporate some exercise into your day. Just because you want to experience new things, doesn’t mean that you have to change everything that you do.

Bring an item from home

There are things that we own that, for no particular reason, can make us feel better and more relaxed. It could be a blanket, a stuffed animal, or a pillowcase. If you have room to pack this item, it might be beneficial to do so. When we are in a new place, it is natural to feel a bit on edge or high alert until you get used to your environment. Having something familiar that you can see, touch and smell can really help you to feel safe where you are staying. 

Watch your favorite tv show

There is nothing that can make you feel more at home when you are in a new place than snuggling up in bed and watching your favorite tv show. It can help to lift your mood, make you feel less alone, and help you to relax.


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