Top Ways To Declutter Your Home!

Make Your First Dinner Party a Success with These Top TipsDecluttering your home is always worth doing, and it’s something you should do regularly. That’s because you can get a big build up of clutter just on a monthly basis from various bits and pieces you and your household bring into the home. So in order to do a proper declutter, here are some tips that will help you make the most of this clear out.

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Take It Room By Room

Start off going room by room, and it’s a good idea if you’re doing a deep clean to do the decluttering at the same time. That way, you can get rid of all the mess, but then you also end up with a clean space, and that can be soothing for your soul to have a clean and tidy space. When it comes to each room, tackle it section by section. Work on the areas that you know are a place where there’s lots of clutter. This might also be a good time to note where you need to declutter in the form of a list and to also make note of anything you’ll need, storage wise, to neaten everything up. Doing it room by room also helps you remain focused, otherwise going all over the place is going to make you lose the motivation to continue. It can likely feel very overwhelming to try and do it all at once.


Organize The Closet

Organizing your closet is one of the big tasks, and this is something you should be mentally prepared for because most of us will tend to have quite a bit of clothing. Start by taking out every single piece of clothing and laying it down onto your bed. Then go through each piece one by one and ask yourself whether it’s something you really want anymore. Check that it’s still in good condition, and it’s not worn or damaged in any way. If you’re still not sure, try it on and then look at yourself in the mirror. Sometimes, we’ll only wear a ¼ of what’s in our closets because the rest of it isn’t something we wish to wear. If you’re not getting any happiness or joy from wearing that item of clothing, give it to someone who will. Use this closet organization guide for reference!


All The Household Should Get Involved

A decluttering for the house is not just going to be your belongings, but that of everyone else’s too. So it’s unfair and difficult for just one person to do a declutter of the property when there’s going to be things that mean more to others than it does to them. Doing a decluttering of the house can sound like hard labor to some children and partners but it’s important you stress to them the importance of sharing the responsibilities of the household. Everyone lives in the home, and therefore, everyone should contribute! So make sure you pick a day or afternoon where everyone is free and that way, you can get it all done quicker, if you’re setting tasks and tackling each room together. Have a reward for everyone once they’re done with the decluttering, like going out for dinner. Everyone will work harder and quicker if it means there’s a reward at the end of it. It’s a good example to set for your children too about the importance of being clean in the home.

Think About What Brings You Joy And What Doesn’t

The practice of finding joy in the home is something that’s been raved about recently with Marie Kondo. She talks about how objects can bring you joy and what doesn’t bring you that emotion. What doesn’t bring you joy is something that you can thank for bringing value to your life but now you must say goodbye to it. That’s a good way of helping you declutter, too, by finding what brings you joy in your home and what doesn’t. If you know there’s things that bring happiness and things that don’t, then you can look at it and figure out whether it’s something that’s bringing you joy or whether it’s merely providing sentimental memories that can still be remembered in other things.

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Be Ruthless With Your Decluttering

Decluttering is one thing that you need to be strict with because it can be very easy to just allow things to live in your home, and that will end up living in the back of a cupboard for years on end. Be ruthless with your decluttering and if you have doubts, then put it to the side and come back later. Make it a challenge for you and your family to cull as much as possible and to aim to have a certain amount of trash bag’s worth of items that you’re either going to throw out, donate or sell. Help each other to figure out what things in their home and what belongs to them can be thrown out and challenge each other to see who can throw out the most. It can be very cleansing when you’ve been more strict with yourself on throwing things out.


Do It Regularly Afterwards

Mess and clutter can pile up very easily and so it’s important to be trying to declutter as much as you can while on the go. Doing a decluttering on a regular basis can help it stop from building up so much. Keep it to a weekly or monthly mini declutter and concentrate on those areas where you can see a lot of clutter starting to build up. It’ll definitely help you to maintain control over your home and to make sure you don’t get yourself into as much of a mess the next time you do it.


Doing a proper declutter is really helpful to fall in love with your home again and to help recreate a space that’s calm and enjoyable to be in. Use these tips to declutter your home effectively and to hopefully have a little fun while doing it!

Top Ways To Declutter Your Home!

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