Surviving The Summer Sun!


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Summer is arguably the best month- when the sun is out, everyone is in a good mood and feeling social so it’s the perfect time to make memories. The only downside is that sometimes it can be a little too hot, and if you’re in the midst of a heatwave it can become really stifling and unpleasant. If you live in a part of the world that’s always warm, chances are your home will be kitted out with air conditioning and you’ll be much more equipped to deal with it. But if it’s reasonably mild the rest of the year, come the summertime and you might start to struggle! Here are some things you can do to stay cool, if getting air conditioning installed isn’t worth it for you.


Install fans

Fans can be reasonably effective in keeping yourself and your home cool in the summer, having one on is certainly better than nothing at all. Consider fitting a ceiling light which has a fan on it, that way every summer you have a way to cool down the home, and it’s not in the way the rest of the year since it’s part of the light’s design. A large stand in your bedroom and another in the living space should help to keep your temperature down when it’s very warm.


Use curtains and blinds

You might consider window treatments to be something you’d install to keep the cold out- not the heat. But they work both ways- blackout curtains and cellular shades blackout blinds will prevent the sun penetrating into the rooms of your home and help to keep it cool. Keep the curtains or blinds drawn during the day as a way to keep your home at a lower temperature when the sun is beaming. 


Get your home insulated

Insulating your walls and loft will keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. As with blackout blinds and curtains, insulation in the walls and loft prevent heat from penetrating. Having this done can save you money on your fuel bills and keep you much more comfortable at extreme weather temperatures too.


Keep your body cool

Many of us find that it’s night time that we start to struggle with the heat. This is because in order to drift off to sleep, your body temperature needs to drop and on a warm night it’s difficult to achieve this. Avoid jumping in a cold bath or shower, as soon as you’re out of it your body temperature will rise again. Instead, use cool water that’s a little below body temperature to help lower it more slowly. Again, use a fan in your bedroom and wear cotton pyjamas. It might be tempting to sleep naked when it’s hot, but you might find yourself feeling more hot and sticky. Light nightwear will draw the sweat away from your body leaving you cooler and more comfortable. Applying a dusting of baby powder after a bath can prevent you from feeling sticky too.


How do you stay cool during a heat wave?


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