Loft Styling-City Chic

If there’s any way that the industrial style can cling on in the contemporary home, it’s wherever there has been an extension made. Inherently, whenever you extend a home, you will be faced with bare brick for a while. You’ll also need to add a lot into the room to make it ‘normal’ like the rest of the house. Everything from the ground up has to be considered. But if you don’t have all the money in the world, you will try to make the best of it. That’s why an industrial style loft conversion is so popular. However, in 2020, you can make industrial a bit more chic. A confident approach to materials and strength will make your loft into the place to be in your house. 


A dusty orange


Copper lighting is by far the cheapest variant of any metal style. There’s something quite alluring about copper ceiling lights that hang down from long slender stems. This is great for a loft as you are at the peak of the home. Thus, the lighting is inherently pushed upward to fit into the shape of the roof angle. This pulls the light away from the room, often creating very noticeable and annoying dark unlit patches. With a copper ceiling light, you’re also reflecting the sunlight but not in such an aggressive manner as steel would. The industrial-chic look of copper when it’s unpolished looks great in a space where you have bare brick walls. Open bowl light shades are the quintessential mark of this style.


Making it noticeable


The sad part about so many loft conversions is that nobody from the outside knows that it exists. The home looks normal instead of making it known that it’s a 3-floor structure. The best way you can make it known is to draw attention to your roof from the outside. Consider installing a metal roof which instead of using bland asphalt shingles, utilizes metal sheets instead. There is a wide range of colors and styles to choose from. These types of roofs are built for durability but you in no way need to sacrifice style. If you have orange siding, consider a grey or blue roof. If you would like your home to be of a lighter color, beige and light orange roofs are top choices. 



A few warm notes


There’s a common misconception that a loft room is inherently colder than the rest of the house. This is factually incorrect as hot air in the home rises and in fact, we lose more heat leaking from the roof than from the windows. The reason why this is believed is that the loft often gets left bare, without carpeting or a ceiling window, allowing the sun to heat the room itself. To add a few warm notes, consider a tan fabric chair for your desk. For your bed, consider down feather pillows that hold heat immensely well. Place an area rug between your bed and the staircase, so warmth has somewhere to go to naturally. 


Approach a loft conversion’s lighting problem by venturing into the industrial style. Copper bowl ceiling lights prevent dark spaces from occurring. 


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