Is Your Home On Trend?

Adding Value To Your Home Is Easier Than You Think

You’re either going to be someone who is so in love with interior decor and how it can look in your home, or you’re someone who doesn’t really care much for it. That doesn’t mean that your home isn’t going to look great and you’re not going to love it. But it does mean that you might not know what’s trending at the minute. We know that what’s trending at the minute might not suit everyone, but we also know that you can’t do any harm in looking. There are fresh trends coming in all of the time, especially as the season changes. So, rather than looking at seasonal trends, we’re going to show you some of the trends that are set to stay here for the year. Whether you have a flat, an apartment, or a home, the following interior design trends will really inspire you. All you have to do is keep on reading, pick out the trends that you like, and do your own research around it. 

Living Room Trends

The three rooms that we’re going to talk about today are the three most used rooms in the home. When you think about how much time you spend lounging around in the living room, we know that it will be a good chunk of your evening and weekend. There are so many living room trends, and the one we’re loving at the minute is rugs and throws. Rugs and throws are in right now, and although they might be a staple to some of your living rooms at the minute, others are missing out on the luxury. It gives you something to snuggle up to, it brings comfort and class to the room, and you can get all different kinds. However, a sheepskin carpet is going to be far more expensive than one you can get from your local home store, simply because the quality is much higher. Try and get the fur throw and the rug to match. 

Kitchen Trends 

This is probably one of the rooms that you feel like you spend the most time in because of all the washing up and cooking of food that you have to do. A kitchen trend this year is a worktop with hanging utensils down. You might have seen something similar on films or chef shows. There are some really unique ways of doing this, such as a big authentic wooden bean with the utensils hanging off it. Trying to keep it as minimalistic as possible in the kitchen is also important. You don’t want a cluttered kitchen to try and work through. 

Bedroom Trends

Definitely the room in your home where you do spend the most time, even if that time is sleeping. A trend in bedrooms at the minute is to use greys as the main colour, and add a splash of colour with subtle shades of duck egg, or blush pink. If you’re a woman living on her own, the blush pink is a more viable option. The duck egg suits a couples room. However, there are many more colors that go with a grey color scheme. 

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