Is Extending Your Home A Possibility?

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Many of us have dreams of not only owning a dream house, but making changes to it so that it truly reflects our dream property as we go through life. This takes work and no small amount of ingenuity to achieve, but thankfully you can keep grinding away at this project in the planning stage to perfect your positive path forward, provided you’re willing to use your time well.


But sometimes it can be hard to see if extending your home is even a rational idea, because there can exist many forms of limitation that may prevent you from finally getting what you want. If you’re able to apply yourself however we can identify, plan for and then overcome these possible limitations, and that should give us all a potential reason to jump for joy.


As far as that’s considered, we would love to help you extend your home with confidence and potential going forward. That’s why we’ve curated the following advice to help you understand if following this path is for you:


Planning Permissions


It’s important to consider what your local housing authority will allow you to have when considering your planning permission. Additionally, even if they give you relative free reign over your property, it’s important to follow the rules. For instance, depending on where you live you may need to supply a public notice of your intention to construct and renovate, and what those terms may be for several months prior. This can give your neighbors advance notice and even, quite rightly, allow them to dispute or ask for further details pertaining to this change. Luckily, most decent neighbors will have no problem with this, because it means they too can build when resting on your acceptance and support.


Architectural Help


Architectural help also matters, because unless you’re carefully trained in that career path, it’s hard to know exactly how to extend your home in the first place. Just what floor plan should you opt for, and how can you divide or open the floor space while paying attention to essential considerations like a support wall? It may even be that with a permitted development extension you’re able to subvert the planning permission and instead opt for a non-offensive development that grants you the potential you were deprived.


Budget & Timelines


Budget and timelines are also very important to consider, because they synchronize with one another like ballet dancers. Or, they could clash together like gladiators. It’s important to understand that holding a good proportion of saved funds, sticking to your budget, assigning deadlines to action best emphasized through your construction quotes and being realistic about what you can achieve all come together in one worthwhile approach to planning and care. This, in itself, could save the work from dragging on and becoming suspended afte a period of time, which can lead any family to stressful worry. When you have this planned, you know you have the structure of your renovation considered.


With this advice, we hope you can extend your home in the best possible sense.

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