How To Stay Sane & Eat Healthy!

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Decorating any room can lead to excessive disruption, the removal of crucial furniture, and a whole load of hassle that you could do without. And, never is that more the case than it comes to your kitchen. 

Whether you’re tackling this yourself or letting someone else take care of it for you, your foodie self will likely weep as you watch the (albeit temporary) destruction of that room you love most. And, your despair will have good grounding considering that it’s likely concerned with what the hell you can eat during a project like this.

Tearing your kitchen apart can often lead to you to eat out every night or go without altogether, neither of which is ideal. This, paired with the fact that you’ll likely go stir-crazy if you don’t get your cooking fix, should be enough to see you considering the following ways to stop redecoration coming between you and your one true love. 

Prepare with practicality in mind

Often, the key to weathering kitchen decoration while keeping home cooking intact is little more than preparation and practicality. While total renovations here could see you altogether without your oven, redecoration should mean you still have cooking equipment for the majority of this project. Of course, you might not be able to access your sides or cook up anything gourmet, but preparing things like casseroles in advance that are easy enough to heat up should see you through the entire project with ease. All while eating the tasty, home-cooked creations that you love so much. 


Always take precautions


Of course, if you intend to continue cooking in a kitchen where you’re using toxic paints, white spirits, and other such chemicals, you’re also going to need to consider taking precautions. At the very least, letting paint drop onto your oven or other such areas could lead to flammability issues that you want to avoid. Equally, paint isn’t a recipe addition you’ll want to chow down on when you come to eat that pre-prepped plate of food. Luckily, investing in builders paper and laying it before you do anything here should be enough to see you avoiding such eventualities. Instead, you’ll be able to rest easy that even those open kitchen boxes on your sides won’t fall foul to paint sprays or any other unwanted additions along the way. 


Tackle work in the shortest possible time frame



Speed plays a crucial part in the majority of decorating jobs but never is that more the case than with your kitchen. This is, after all, the hub of your home, and even meals prepared in advance can only take you so far. As such, you should never start a decoration project here until you’re 100% clear on how you can tackle such an undertaking fast. Simple things, like knowing when best to apply each layer of paint, can see you flying through this task in no more than two days and getting your kitchen back together for gourmet meals again in no time.


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