How To Make Your Home More Sustainable

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It’s cheaper, easier and more fun that you might think to make your house a more eco-friendly home this year. There are small changes which will make big differences. You need to think about creative ways to reduce waste and be energy efficient, and how this can even save you money as well. Don’t worry, here you can find a few simple tips to save energy and your budget! 




Keep on top of the boring things to start with and you will definitely reap the benefits in the future. There are many ways you can save on house repairs if you do the necessary maintenance checks.  


Save on bills


There are several things you can do to reduce the energy you waste on gas and electricity. Get an electrician in to do those aforementioned maintenance checks. Get them to look at your appliances, there are probably more energy efficient options on the market. Another way to save on electricity is to change your lightbulbs to more durable LEDs. These not only last longer but are incredibly efficient, converting almost 90% of the energy used into light rather than heat for example.


Speaking of heat, reduce your gas bills by keeping the heat in. Make sure all your windows are double-glazed to insulate every room. Add drapes or blinds as well. You can add texture or warmth to any room with rugs and carpets. You can go for a more sustainable, second-hand option as well. You can decorate the place with your own personal style. 


Green air


Get some plants. These guys will help to clean the air in your place as they munch away the carbon dioxide. As well as looking pretty, they also help to create a positive and healthy atmosphere. 


Recycle and reuse


Educate everyone you live with on how to recycle correctly. Make sure you separate your garbage into the government containers, plastic, glass, metal and paper. Minimize your consumption of unnecessary plastics. Avoid one-use or disposable items and wash and reuse what you can. 


Make a list of the things in your home which can be replaced with more sustainable items. To give you some examples, look at your cleaning products, you could opt for non-toxic options. What about other things in the house? Are you buying things that you don’t need? Could you change your shopping habits? Find out if there’s a shop near you where you can refill your own containers, and try to support local businesses. Think about where what you buy comes from and if there’s a locally sourced option.


You can have fun with recycling by making different household items from used materials. Urban gardening is a new trend with growing interest in young people. If you don’t have your own outside space, think about renting an allotment. See what you can find in your house to turn into flower pots. Getting in touch with nature is very therapeutic and a great way to get into the “green” mindset. 


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