Choosing a Home Design to Fit Your Personality

Adding Value To Your Home Is Easier Than You Think

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When you decorate your home, you want a design that is both functional and comfortable. This is hard to attain because it is different for each person. Everyone has different lifestyles and preferences when it comes to furniture, color choices, and other decors. Here are some ways that you can explore and find a personal home style that will compliment your personality. 


Check Your Closet


An excellent way to get a quick view of what your preferences are is to open your closet and look inside. What you like to wear will often reflect how you would like your home to be decorated. There may be a specific color you lean towards or a pattern or texture. Use what you already know you like in your home decor because the odds are that you will like it there too!


A Style Vignette


A style vignette is a grouping of objects that reflects your personality or the collective personalities of the people living in your home. To create a style vignette, go around your house and find things that capture how you would like your whole home to feel. Bring all these items together in one area of your home as a kind of trial space. Use this space as an inspiration for how to decorate the rest of your house and not get decorated by things that may look pretty but don’t quite capture your personality. 


Outside Inspiration


You have your style vignette created from items already in your home, and now it is time to look outside your home for some inspiration. Looking on Instagram or Pinterest under home decor ideas to gather what you like. Save room ideas that you love or draw you in and then start to look for common elements or themes in them all. Figure out why you like them. If your home is decorated in a way that you used to love, but it no longer satisfies you, that is okay! Don’t force yourself to stick with a style or color that you don’t love anymore. It is okay to get rid of what you don’t like anymore and start over with something new. Sometimes flipping through magazines or home design websites, like Joybird, can help you narrow down your interests. 


Visual Reminders


A physical or digital mood or vision board that you can keep in your home or on your phone can help remind you of what you love. Seeing everything all together in one place can clarify your style in ways that seeing them separated may not trigger. When you go shopping, be sure to bring your vision board with you to help remind you of your goal. Photo editing programs like Photoshop or Canva can help you create these digitally. If you are not interested in making a vision board, you can always take photographs or screenshots of rooms or other spaces that you love to use instead. This is all about figuring out yourself, so find what feels right and stick with it!


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