6 Tips for Preparing Your Garden For Summer

Is there anything better than being able to relax in your own garden on a lovely summer’s day admiring the sun, soaking up the warm weather and enjoying a nice cold drink?

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If you are lucky enough to have a garden, now is the time you want to be looking at putting in the prep work and getting it ready for the summer months.


Whether you have a minimalist garden or a full vegetable patch, taking the time to care for your garden will help you benefit from all it has to offer in upcoming seasons.


We have 6 tips for getting your garden ready for the summer to help you get started.


Mow Your Lawn.

You want to be making sure your lawn is mowed as late as possible to keep the grass short for cooler months.


However, in the run-up to summer, now is the time to start looking after your lawn a bit more.

From treating dead areas to adding finishing touches to the edges to neaten it up. Them or you od now, the healthier it will be later in the year when you use your garden more


Zoysia Sod Dallas can help create the ultimate healthy lawn for your home should you want a healthy real lawn in your garden.


Tend to Shrubs and Bushes

Bushes and shrubs can become overgrown during the winter months. Trimming them back early and removing any dead flowers from shrubs will make sure your garden looks healthy and tidy as temperatures start to rise.


Add a slow-release fertilizer to younger or smaller shrubs to help them get ready for the upcoming season.



Now is the best time to remove the weeds from your garden. Add safe weed killers in areas that are occupied by overgrown weeds. 


Add a landscape fabric or mulch to stop regrowth and prevent weeds from reappearing and/or regrowth.



Make sure you have all the tools you need to help you tend to your garden over the summer. If they are old, worn or damaged, then look at replacing them to help you keep on top of your garden when it needs it.


Fix Damages


Look for any damage to fences, gates, pavements etc.


Start now with respect to fixing any damage that bad weather might have caused over the colder seasons. This will help you to not only make sure your garden is safe for all who use it but looks good with nothing to distract from all your hard work maintaining your garden.



Start to think about how you are going to dress up your garden for summer. Whether you are looking to add new plants, trees or add a vegetable patch, or you entertain a lot and want to accessorize with a new outdoor furniture set or lights.


Shop around to see what style you want to go for when it comes to tying your look together and creating a fun and welcoming outdoor space that people to love spending time in.


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