Why Having A Small Home is Awesome!

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You can often get sucked into certain ways of thinking. From a homeowner’s perspective, big is always seen as better. You think that you need to have a big home. It’s something you must have as a small one just isn’t very practical. 


On the contrary, small homes have several advantages. They’re not as impractical as you might think, and you actually see some convenient benefits by having one. So, if you have a small home and feel like you need a bigger one, then here are some reasons that will make you think twice: 


Small homes cost less

Your small home is incredible because it costs less to buy. This means you have to save up for less time to afford the home, and also that you may have more money left over after buying it. Certainly, many people are selling their big houses on sites like We Buy Houses, then downsizing to something smaller. This way, they don’t use all the money from the sale, meaning they’ve effectively come into a large sum of extra cash!


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Cheaper & easier to decorate

Decorating a small home is much easier as you have less work to do. The interior spaces are smaller, or you may have fewer rooms than someone with a bigger house. Therefore, it takes you less time to renovate a small property! Plus, it will cost less to improve your interior design when you have a smaller house. 


Cleaning is more manageable

Following on from decorating, cleaning your house is also much easier to manage. Again, it will take less time, and you will probably spend less money on cleaning supplies. So, you can stay on top of regular home maintenance, meaning your house looks gorgeous all the time. 


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A more homely atmosphere

For me, the key disadvantage of a big house is that it can sometimes feel too big. It’s like everything is too spaced out, and there’s no element of closeness. For a family home, this sometimes sucks. It feels like everyone is distant, and you don’t get a sense of coziness. This is where small properties really come into their own. What they lack in size, they make up for in atmosphere. A small home just feels cozy and intimate. It forces the family to be closer together, and this can help strengthen your bond. 


More room to add value

Finally, if you’re thinking about your home from an investment perspective, then a small one has more room for added value. If you wanted to sell it, then you could theoretically invest in an extension that made it bigger. This would boost the property value, so you’d get more money from the sale! Even simple home improvements – like upgrading the windows or installing new floors – will cost less because you have fewer rooms and windows to deal with. This makes it easier to sell a small home for a profit. 


Do I think everyone should sell their home right away and buy a smaller one? Of course not. Some families need a big home as there are too many people. It’s all personal preference, I just want to show you that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about a small home, or feel like you need a big one!


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