What Does Your Dream Life Look Like?

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Many of us move through life with a sense of purpose. We might wish to gain better financial security, raise our child well, or find a job that we find tolerable or even enjoyable. Yet when we’re so focused on the daily considerations we have to abide by, it’s very easy to somewhat forget just in what direction we are oriented.


When was the last time you asked yourself just what your dream home and life entails? This question can seem somewhat too broad to have any real merit, at least in some circumstances. After all, we know that finding the ‘perfect ideal’ can blind us to what is actually out there, or the beauty we have in our own life right now. Yet no matter how you feel about this, remember that there’s no shame in hoping for a better, more suitable and comfortable tomorrow. In fact, working towards that may help you go through long periods of working struggle or to make the ‘now’ feel somewhat more exciting.


First, you have to understand what you wish for. With our guide and warm insights, we hope you can think about this question more thoroughly. Please consider the following examples:


Good For Now, Good For Tomorrow


It’s important to consider how your future life might play out when settling down, but also how life may be felt in the short term. What’s good for today and good for tomorrow is often a worthwhile choice to make. Remember, settling down is an investment in the everyday. It must be that you can see yourself raising children in a certain area, or in being happy to work in a certain city, or in coping with a commute that you have to take often. Life is made up of the smaller experiences such as this, and so it’s worth considering.


Are there plans for heavy investment in nearby house construction where you’re considering purchasing a rural home? Might this affect property prices or in the peaceful serenity of your green surroundings for some time to come? Might this also herald the construction of larger roads or access routes through your peaceful neighborhood? It’s smaller factors such as this that are worth keeping in mind, because over time the experience you go through will change, perhaps unrecognizably, for better or worse. You cannot make a truly informed and predictive analysis of every single thing that may change, of course. Thankfully, you don’t need to. Simply planning out a relatively loose life arrangement can help you see if settling down in this area, at this time, can be appropriate.


From there, you can assess just what your dreams may be. Are you hoping to run your own home business or smallholding? What property and land management decisions might be worthwhile? Do you wish to get the most for your current house sale now, through the Sell My House Fast Company, in order to gain much more for your spending power abroad? When we assess the details, we can come to clearer and more profound decisions.


A Sense Of Security & Peace


A sense of security can peace can serve as the pre-requisite to achieving a happier and more comfortable life. This has been well documented in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, where he shows that the need for safety and food comprise the fundamentals we need before we can move to higher purposes, such as social satisfaction and self-actualization.


This means that when considering your home life, ensure you have a sense of security and peace there. This might mean moving to a nice area, or moving a little further outside of the city, or perhaps enjoying a homestead you can protect well with the best home security features. When you feel protected and relaxed wherever you decide to settle down, you can then focus on the matters that will truly translate to your happiness, and thus your dream life being fully represented. This is especially true if raising a family, as keeping your children safe is often the highest priority of most parents.


Long-Term Structural Potential


It can also be that the long term structural potential of the home life you wish to build is important. Maybe you’re interested in landscaping a garden many times over the years. Perhaps a large driveway and impressive home you can change the name of is imperative for you to truly make the space your own.


Perhaps you dream of eccentricities, such as building a large library within your home or doing so with the converted barn outside. If this is in your interests, it can be worth looking to renovate a home from the ground up. This also fits neatly into recommending the process of house flipping. Sometimes our dream home may not be something we achieve right now, but rather something we can live in and maintain until it comes to sell for a higher price, slowly increasing our living standing as we gain further knowledge in property management. The long term structural potential of the life you build for yourself will also have deep effects on the housing prospects you feel drawn to – and so it’s worth factoring that in when making your plans.


Community Life


How integrated in the community life of an area would you like to be? Now, there are no wrong answers here, although it is known that connecting with a local community can help you feel more rooted and interested in the local space. That being said, sometimes the anonymity of a city or a very remote village can help some people feel more themselves, consequently introverts can feel secure in both environments.


That being said, a nice community can truly increase your quality of life. From getting involved in the local fundraising efforts to volunteering at a soup kitchen or church, to enjoying planning the local events as part of the residential authority or council (such as arranging Halloween celebrations), some people find it worthwhile to spend time with those who appreciate their presence, and with whom they have something in common.


It can seem as though communities are more fractured than ever in the internet age and that children have little chance of even understanding what community means of not introduced to it, but you’d be surprised just how many people make an active and loving effort to contribute to community life, discussing its finer points and experiencing the good and bad in equal measure. The more you consider this a possibility when arranging your dream home and life plans, the more you will feel drawn to a certain location.


Business & Career Considerations


Odds are, you or your partner will need to work and follow up on their career opportunities. For some, this can be the main catalyst when making the final decision to move somewhere. But moving for a particular job is only part of the story. Business and career considerations should be considered as a cohesive whole of potential rather than one guaranteed place of work.


For example, what commute are you willing to put up with? How many transport options are there from where you live to where a job is likely to be situated? What is the employment culture like in a given area, in your given industry? Are there potential fallback positions to find if your current pursuit fails to bear fruit? Over time, what are the chances of career advancement, and if needed how might you withdraw from being employed to start your own business? What might the prospects of such an operation be in your given area? Not all people have the same goals or principles when it comes to employment, but it’s likely you’ll need to find a form of it, and fast. 


Curating your dream life means being realistic about how much you earn, what kind of employment strategies you have to follow, and what directions you may move in. Finding a location that balances all of those factors, as well as your ideal tastes, can help you enjoy a grounded employment consideration, without making you forgo your dreams.


Cultural Engagement


How engaged in the culture are you? Perhaps it might be that you’ve always wanted to live abroad, and so finally visiting Spain to purchase a property could be in your wheelhouse. If so, what might the familial relevance of this move entail? How deeply can you absorb the culture, and what are the keys to citizenship? How does the housing market work there, including the potential prospects of success and the encouragement of foreign investment?


Cultural engagement may be taken for granted if moving within your own home country, but moving abroad, or even to another state across the country can yield a vastly different experience to something you are used to now. For some people, aiming for that is the dream. Could it be yours?


With this advice, we hope we’ve given you some food for thought when it comes to managing your dream home and life pursuits. Nothing could be more important to think of.

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