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The garage tends to be a forgotten space where things get dumped. They are underused and underloved – very often. And while many people simply use it to park the car, there is a range of things that you can do to help make the most of the space. 


Photo by Carlos Irineu da Costa on Unsplash


Bikes tend to be stored in the garage or in the shed. They take up a lot of space if they aren’t stored properly. Hanging wall brackets that are designed for bikes, will free up a lot of space on the floor. From a safety perspective, make sure that there is an extra layer of security like a chain too. 


Most garages aren’t very well lit. Replacing the lights that are currently there will some spotlights and wall lighting will brighten up the space a lot. If you have the time and the budget, then you might consider adding some windows for extra life. If you decide to go down this route, then consider adding security bars and frosting the glass too. 


Having the safest possible garage doors is essential. If your door is a bit worse for wear, then consider garage door repair services to get it ship-shape. You don’t have to have a garage door that is unattractive either. Wooden finishes or a more modern slicker feel can upgrade the garage really quickly. And often the newer garage doors provide more security. 


It helps if your garage doors are remote controlled too, so you can open and close it from the comfort of your own car. If you have one that rolls into the roof, then it saves even more space too. 


If you have the available space, then you might consider extending the garage out to the side. Not only could it then accommodate two cars, but you have more space to toy around with. If you like in a relatively safe area, then instead of an enclosed extension, consider a carport with beams and a roof. 


The exposed brick or drab concrete doesn’t have to be a feature that you keep. Paint the walls and the ceiling a lighter, brighter colour instead. If you spend a lot of time in the garage with the car or tinkering, then try and choose a colour that you enjoy. If you want something sleek, then try matte black with bronze or copper fixtures and fittings looks great. 


As well as a car, people keep a lot of tools in the garage. If this sounds like you, then it might be time to invest some time in arranging the garage a bit better. Install a range of hooks and nails. Then draw an outline around each of the tools so that you know where everything goes at a glance. You will also notice if anything is missing too. 


The garage can have a whole personality of its own and have multiple functions that make use of the space too. 


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