Tips For a More Energy Efficient Home

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If you want to be kinder to the planet this year and actually make a big effort to become more energy efficient, your home is the best place to start. The home can use a tremendous amount of energy, and it’s something that should be monitored to ensure you’re not using more than you should be. Not only is there every possibility that you will save more money in the long run, you will help the planet. 


Lower Your Thermostat

Start by lowering your thermostat. Go and do it right now before you’ve finished reading this article, and you could save a substantial amount of energy each year. You don’t even need to lower it a huge amount. Just one degree can make a difference. 


Change Your Lightbulbs

Replace incandescent light bulbs with more energy efficient bulbs. If you’re not using a room, don’t have the lights on, either. Avoid keeping the entire home illuminated and just keep the lights on in the rooms you’re using. 


Take Quick Showers 

Rather than taking long baths or showers, take quick showers and don’t have the water scalding hot, either. Time yourself and make it fun. Even if you have a bath as a treat occasionally, it’s going to be better than having one every single day. Keeping showers below 5 minutes, and even better, below 3 minutes, will have a huge impact on your energy and water usage. 




Add Insulation Where You Need It 

Make sure you add insulation where you need it to ensure your home is regulating temperature as it should be. You may need to contact roof installation installers to take a look at your attic and see what the situation is. If your home is cold a lot of the time, it could simply be that you need more insulation.  


Seal Windows And Doors 

Make sure your windows and doors are properly sealed and not letting in draughts. It’s fairly easy to do this, and you don’t necessarily need to replace them. 


Unplug Things You Don’t Use 

If you don’t use something, then don’t keep it plugged in all the time. 


Limit Space Heater Use 

Simply put on more layers if you’re cold. There are many thick and cosy hoodies and socks that can be worn around the house, helping you to avoid higher temperatures. 


Consider Installing Solar Panels 

Solar panels are a big investment, but they certainly pay off over time. Get a quote from an expert and see if this is something you can aim for. 


Start A Compost Pile

You don’t need lots of space to start a compost pile. Simply find a container you can use and add your organic waste. Fruit, vegetables, coffee – everything can go in here. It makes a wonderful fertilizer for your garden and reduces the amount of trash you produce, too. You’ll love how your lawn and garden thrive when you begin using this. 


How will you create a more energy efficient home in 2020? Leave your thoughts below! 


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