Interior Design Accessories I Love!

Easy Ways to Update and Improve your Conservatory

What is an interior design accessory? 

Well, like all accessories, it’s something that’s used to complement the main attraction. With clothing accessories, you add things like jewelry to bring out the best in a dress. The same applies to your interiors – an accessory is something small and largely unnoticed that adds to the overall look and feel of the room. 

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to think about what accessories you need in your home. Here are a few suggestions, along with some points on the benefits each accessory brings to your interior design. 

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You honestly can’t go wrong with some candles as accessories. The thing I love most about candles is that they work just as well lit or unlit. A lit candle adds a new ambiance to the room in the form of peaceful flickering lighting. Plus, it brings a unique smell to your interior as well. 

But, even when it’s not lit, a candle can be used as a beautiful decoration to enhance the overall appeal of a room. They come in lots of forms and designs too – with some that are perfect for certain times of the year, like Christmas candles, wintery candles, summer ones, etc. 

Air Purifiers

This seems like a bit of a left-field inclusion, but I’ve found air purifiers are one of the best accessories you can have in your home. For starters, some can be relatively stylish and add to the aesthetic appeal of your interior design. However, the main benefit is that they improve the way the room smells and feels. 

You see, air purifiers get rid of all the nasty things in the air. As a result, your house starts to smell much cleaner and fresher. The air is easier to breathe, and it makes a huge difference in how people respond to your interior design. There are plenty of air purifier types out there as well, feel free to look at Staceys list of air purifiers for smoke if anyone in your home is a smoker. Then, there are ones for allergy sufferers or even just basic ones that make the air cleaner and release a new scent for people to enjoy. 

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Lastly, you need to get some artwork for your home. Art is just a beautiful addition to almost every room in your home. You don’t have to deck your house out like an art gallery, but a piece of art in every room will make a considerable difference to the design. 

Artwork adds a touch of class and culture to your home. It can be chosen to complement the design theme too, which only enhances the appeal it creates. You can get art for the home in so many formats as well. No matter what type of home you’re trying to create – modern, rustic, or a specific theme – there’s bound to be pieces of art that matches your demands. 


Bring these accessories to your home if you’re looking for fairly cheap and instant ways of improving the interior design. Every home needs to have a few accessories here and there to tie everything together, and these are three of my faves. 


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