How To Bring A Natural Vibe To Your Design

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One of the most beautiful things you can do in your interior design, is to bring the outdoors in. Humans were not built to spend too much time in doors. We need Vitamin D, fresh air, and a change of scenery to stay sane. However, more people than ever are working from home, taking care of their families, and forgetting how important it is to be surrounded by nature. 


This guide will help you to bring a natural vibe to your interior design, so you can bring the outdoors in and enjoy nature even when you’re in the house. Take a look and see what you can do:


Use Natural Materials

Using raw, natural materials as much as possible is going to be the first thing you want to plan so you can bring that natural vibe to life. Materials like bamboo, wood, slate and brick are all wonderful. Brick looks especially great used as a backdrop or focal point. Just make sure the materials used are suitable for the room – slate will look wonderful in the kitchen, but could look a little too hard and cold elsewhere. 


Include Plants And Flowers 

Plants and flowers are imperative if you’re looking to create a natural vibe. Big plants, small plants, hanging plants – it doesn’t matter. Add as many as you like! Just make sure you do your research. For instance, crotons love the moist air, so they will make a fabulous bathroom plant. Ensure you plan where each plant will go, based on how much light and care they need. It’ll help you to prolong their lives and keep them looking amazing. 


Don’t be afraid to invest in bigger plants for your living space, and even to include multiple plants in one room. This can give a lovely tropical vibe! 



Try Something A Little Different

You don’t want your decor to look the same as every other natural decor out there, so try something a little different. Don’t forget the wildlife! Faux Taxidermy could be an amazing addition to any home, but especially one that is looking to create a natural feel. 


Let More Natural Light In

Do your best to let as much natural light in as possible. It’ll brighten up the home, make it look more spacious, and make everybody who lives there happier. 


Natural Artwork And Patterns

Artwork and patterns in your decor can be used to further emphasize the vibe. Beach artwork can work, for instance, or floral cushions. You could create a stunning gallery wall with pictures of flowers and other natural scenery, or even display pressed flowers and leaves. 


Choose A ‘Zen’ Color Scheme 

Zen color schemes work so well with the natural vibe. Shades of grey and nude can be far from boring. However, bright colors also work well – they just might be a little too stimulating for every room. Try swapping out your accessories per the season, and you won’t get bored then, either. 


How will you bring the outdoors in?

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