Dismiss That January Gloom!

Protect Your Home With These Winter Maintenance Tasks

January brings an eerie gloom to the home. For a lot of homeowners, the simple act of putting the Christmas decorations away for another year kickstarts the phenomenon. For others, it’s the combination of Christmas exhaustion – say what you will, but the festive season is exhausting for everyone! – and winter blues. Regardless of where it comes from, you can’t make the most of the new decade feeling down and tired. You need an energetic boost! It’s no wonder multivitamin cures are popular at the beginning of the year. Everybody is trying to get back in shape and tackle their resolutions. It’s all the same thing: So much to do, so little energy! In truth, vitamins can help you only so much. You need to fuel your mind and body with powerful energy, and the truth is, it doesn’t come from a bottle of pills. Instead, if you need to surround yourself with positivity in your everyday decor. Because we spend a lot of time inside our homes during the winter, it’s essential to start your anti-gloom battle directly there. Creating an environment that boosts both your physical and mental health is detrimental to making 2020 the best possible year. Don’t let the gloomy feeling take over with these simple but effective tricks: 


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Give your curb some love

How much does your curb appeal affect your mood? You may be tempted to say that anything you don’t see doesn’t play a role in lifting the gloom. But in truth, every time you leave the house or come back from the office, you can’t avoid looking. It’s not much, but the exterior of your home is the first thing you get to see when you come back after a long day at work. It needs to feel welcoming if you want to be able to let go off the tensions accumulated during the day. Simple changes can go a surprisingly long way. Getting your driveway professional cleaned with the help of a professional power washing company can help to give it its old shine back. As a result, your body instinctively relaxes rather than tensing. It may not be a good idea to repaint your exterior wall in this season, but you can give your front door a fresh coat of paint over the weekend for a pop of color. As said, it isn’t much, but it’s enough to give your mind a sign that it is now okay to let go of all worries. 


Add some colors

Is January the best month for an interior decor change? Not really. Because the days are shorter, you may not be able to see what your chosen color looks like in natural daylight before spring. However, you can opt for little updates to inject energetic hues and shapes into your interior. Take a look at some of the sunniest decors around, such as this lovely Palm Beach house that features a variety of vibrant focal points. The pinks and blues bring the rooms together. While you may not be ready to repaint your interior from floor to ceiling at the moment, you can use the cues from the Palm Beach home to accessorize the rooms with new elements. Painting your window frames in a bright blue, for instance, is an excellent way of creating a mood-lifting space. If you want something a little more dramatic, you can create an accent wall with patterned wallpaper, or transform your living room with a colorful rug. Small touches can inject new life into your interior. 


Bring the green indoors

Everybody needs some greenery. Gardening is not only a healthy and positive hobby but being around plants can also improve your health – both physically and mentally. Depending on where you live, the weather might be too cold to start with the outdoor garden. However, you can bring your favorite plants indoors and create a beautiful zen garden. The presence of plants in your home naturally helps to relax, as plants create an environment that is rich in oxygen. You’ll find that your thoughts are clearer and more manageable in their vicinity. Additionally, some houseplants can also improve the indoor air by getting rid of toxic particles. Air toxins can not only affect your immune system, but they also interfere with your concentration and your mood. 


Just go outside

We get it. It’s cold and rainy outside. Why would you want to leave your home? The answer is because you have to. Staying indoor might be cozy and comforting, but in reality, your body needs direct sunlight to recharge its batteries. Vitamin D, which is detrimental to your immune system and your mood, is produced when the body absorbs sunlight rays. You don’t need more than 20 minutes a day, but a simple stroll down the park can do wonders for your health. Indeed, you may be the reason why your interior feels gloomy, so it’s best not to take any chances! 


Cook something delicious

Food is your energy fuel. But it does a lot more than giving your body the energy it needs to function. The simple act of cooking can make you feel happy and fill your home with delicious smells. Additionally, if you add some yummy spices to the meal, you’ll find that you can dramatically boost your immune system. Spices were used as a primary form of medicine, which is why knowing what to use can transform your day. For instance, stress can lead to digestive disorders. But adding ginger to your diet can not only soothe those queasy feelings, but it also smells fantastic and energizing. A saffron-infused meal will ease anxiety and depressive mood and increase your dopamine levels. In short, cook with spices to spice up your life! 


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Give yourself a goal

Last but not least, while most people start the year with resolutions and things they want to achieve by the next New Year’s Eve, it’s fair to say that long-term goals can make you forgetful of everyday life. You need to introduce short-term objectives and milestones to celebrate. It doesn’t need to be anything out of the ordinary. You can suggest a weekly dinner date with your family to sit and play board games together, for example. 


Making your home a happy place in January can feel challenging after the Christmas season. You need to be smart about your use of mood-enhancing tricks and healthy solutions to wave the gloom bye-bye for good! 


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