Conquering Post Christmas Chores

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Is your home currently an absolute tip? Pine needles everywhere? Toys on every available surface? A kitchen filled with half-eaten treats and piles of leftovers? Did you long ago give up on drying to dust or wipe around holiday cards and decorations? Have you started the New Year in a state of complete chaos? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. 

As much as we love the holidays, most of us are keen to get back to normal now that the festive period is over. We’re longing to eat more healthily, try new exercise routines, and get back into our rhythm. But, it’s hard to do it in a messy and chaotic house. So let’s take a look at some things that you can do to make conquering those post-Christmas chores a little more manageable. 

Write a List

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Whenever we’ve got a lot to do, organization is what makes things more manageable. Write a list of everything that you need to do, starting with removing any Christmas decorations that you might have left and tidying gifts away. Include any big jobs that you might have been putting off. You might even want to break your list down into sections, or rooms, to make things easier to handle. 

Tackle the Rubbish

We’ve often got a lot of rubbish to deal with once Christmas is over. You might have a pretty hefty recycling pile, as well as extra general waste. But, in most areas, there’s no additional rubbish collection. So, you have to tackle it on your own. Sort your rubbish into waste and recycling, and dispose of what you can at home. The rest, you could either store until your next collection or take to a waste disposal center. 

Stop Putting Things Off

We’re all guilty of putting things like high pressure drain cleaning off until after the holidays. We’ve got so much to do, and seemingly more important things to be spending our money on. Even big jobs that we could be doing ourselves get left because we simply don’t have the time. This is the time to stop putting those jobs off and tackle them head-on. 

Let in Some Air

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Our homes often become musty over the holidays. They are filled with decorations which make it hard to clean, it’s cold, so our windows are closed all of the time, and we’re spending more time than usual at home, possibly with extra guests too. While you are cleaning, put on a jumper and throw your windows open for a few hours. Try to let a little fresh air in every day, and things will soon start to feel much cleaner. 

Have a Good Clear Out

This is the perfect opportunity to have a good clear out. You might need to find homes for new possessions, and toys if you’ve got kids, so it’s worth taking the time to clear out old things while you are at it. 


Start An Early Spring Clean


There’s no need to leave your spring clean for a few more months. Start now, tackling one job, such as cleaning your carpets or windows every week for the next few months. By the time spring hits, it will look fantastic. 

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