5 Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Bedrooms should, ideally, be a personal space in which you can unwind, relax, chill-out, and get a good night’s sleep. They don’t necessarily have to be the most opulent room in the house – just somewhere you can go and get the rest you need after a busy day. 

How do you create a beautiful bedroom, though? Take a look at some of these hints and tricks. 

Pay Attention To Your Ceiling

In most rooms, the ceiling is an after-thought. You rarely look at it, so what’s the point of doing anything but painting it white and leaving it at that? 

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Your bedroom ceiling, however, is different. When you lie on your back in bed, you’re forced to look at it, making your choice of decor more critical. 

Many people like to use crown molding in their bedrooms. Decorative plasterwork can add a new dimension to your ceiling without intruding on the rest of your room. You could also add architectural elements, like a canopy, silver leaf, or a medallion chandelier. 

Keep The Space Simple

When decorating a bedroom, there’s a temptation to over-complicate the space, adding vanities, ottomans, and goodness knows what else. 

Bedrooms, however, should be simple. Stick with the basics and try to leave a minimum of three feet of space between the beds and the side walls. While a bedside table is usually a necessity, a chaise-longues probably isn’t. 

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Boost Your Bedding

The bedding that you choose can have a massive impact on the atmosphere in your bedroom. Cozy, pillowy bedding feels inviting and warm, almost demanding that you jump into bed, curl up and go to sleep.

Bedding isn’t always the cheapest, but you can get the price down with special offers, such as Target coupons. When choosing bedding, select the thickest and most neutral you can find, unless, of course, you live in a hot climate. 

Add Discreet Storage

Storage is always a problem in bedrooms and something that makes renovations difficult. You need space for all your clothes and beauty appliances, but it can be hard to find. 

The best way to provide storage is to use integrated closets. You can also make use of under-bed drawers for things like shoes, socks, scarves, and hats. If you have space in your bedroom, a chest of drawers can help, but it is by no means a necessity. 

Cover Your Windows

Light pollution is a big issue in cities. Incoming light from street lamps shines through most curtains, hits the back of your retina, and tells you that it’s morning, even if it’s not. 

Fortunately, you can now get stylish “black out” curtains that block out upwards of 95 percent of the light coming through your windows. A combination of opaque roller blinds with sheer curtains gives you the best of both worlds: a light, airy and private feel during the day, and perfect darkness at night. 

Creating a beautiful bedroom can be a challenge, but with the right approach, it’s something that practically everyone can do. Will you upgrade yours?


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