5 Quick Ways to Refresh Your Home

Adding Value To Your Home Is Easier Than You Think

When your home is looking a little tired, it’s time to make some changes and decorate. But the cost of making full scale renovations can quickly get out of control, and it can be quite disruptive as well. You may not have the time or the money to empty out a room and start again from scratch. The good news is, you might not have to. 


There are plenty of ways that you can breathe new life into a room and make it look a lot nicer without making any large, expensive changes. If you make these small changes on a regular basis, you won’t get bored with the decor in your home and it will always feel fresh. These are some of the best ways to refresh a tired room without breaking the bank. 


Give It A Deep Clean 


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Before you start doing any work on a room, you should make sure to give it a deep clean. You would be surprised just how much difference it makes. In a lot of cases, the room doesn’t need to be decorated again, it just needs a good clean. Things like carpets, in particular, will start to look faded and dull after a while but if you clean them thoroughly, they’ll look brand new again. Most people overlook this and assume that the room is clean because they run the vacuum cleaner around and dust a few times a week. That’s enough to keep the room presentable, but a deep clean can still go a long way. In some cases, it may be best to hire a professional company like Val’s Cleaning Maids to do it for you. They will have access to the best cleaning products and equipment, like professional carpet cleaners, so your home will look brand new. If you do this once or twice a year at least, you’ll find that the rooms in your home do not look as tired and you don’t end up decorating as often. 


Add Some Plants 


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Plants are a brilliant way to brighten up a dull room and make it more vibrant. Sometimes, when the decor is a little tired, you need a burst of color and life in a room, and plants are perfect for that. They also help to create a more relaxed atmosphere because they add a touch of nature to the room. If you pick the right types of plants, they will also clean the air and improve the air quality in your home, which is great for your health. Plants are such a popular interior design trend right now so you can easily find them for a good price. One or two well placed plants in a room can really make a huge difference, and it will cost you next to nothing. 


Replace Key Pieces Of Furniture 


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If you were to pull all of the furniture out and replace it all, you’d end up spending a lot of money. However, it’s a lot cheaper if you just replace one or two key pieces of furniture and it will still make a big difference to the overall feel of the room. The key is identifying what the focal point of the room is. For example, if the sofa is in the center of the room and the other pieces of furniture are placed around it, swapping it out for something in a different color or style will completely change the way that the room looks. 


As well as replacing bits of furniture, you should consider rearranging the furniture that you already have. The layout of a room makes a huge difference, and sometimes, moving things around a bit can make it feel like a completely different space. This is especially effective in spaces like the living room, which can be a multipurpose room. The way that you arrange the furniture and break the room up into different areas makes a big difference in terms of the way that the room is used. Not only does rearranging the furniture refresh a tired room, but it could also help you to get more use out of the space.  


Add A Feature Wall 


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The easiest way to breathe new life into a room is to give it a fresh coat of paint. But if you paint the entire room in a different color, you may end up having to change furniture and other features in the room to match, and before you know it, you’re renovating the entire room. However, you can keep things as they are while also refreshing the room if you add a feature wall instead. As long as you make sure that it is still in keeping with the color scheme, it’s a cost effective way to make a big change. 


You don’t always need to go for something elaborate when creating a feature wall. Sometimes, a single block color painted on one wall is enough to change the feel of the room. Just make sure that you strike a good balance if you are using darker shades, especially in a smaller room. If you use too many dark colors, the space will feel small and claustrophobic. It’s best to avoid heavy patterns for the same reason. 


However, if you are decorating a large, open space, you have a lot more freedom. Some elaborate patterned wallpaper or even a large mural painted on one wall are both great ways to make the room instantly more interesting.


Replace Hardware 


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A simple trick that works particularly well in the kitchen or bathroom is replacing the hardware. That covers things like handles and switches etc. and it makes more of a difference than you think. If you buy some nice new handles for all of your kitchen cabinets and replace the old boring ones, it makes the whole kitchen set feel new. You can use the same trick on taps or toilet flush handles etc. 


You don’t need to spend lots of time and money on a full renovation if you want to refresh a room. Just try out some of these simple tricks and save yourself some money instead. 


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