Where Will Your Next Postcard Be From?

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Whether you do postcards or not, we’re trying to get you to ask yourself the question, where do you think you will be travelling to next? You might already have a holiday or two planned, if you’re lucky enough. If so, where do you want to go after that. This is a question you could just keep on asking yourself, until you’ve filled all of the countries and parts of the world that you want to go to. It’s truly incredible to think about how this world has been created, and if you are yet to step outside of your own country yet, you will experience something incredible when you do. All of the cultures, habitats, and animals that are different to the county you live in, are incredible. Because we know that not everyone is going to have been lucky enough to experience other parts of the world yet. Whatever point of view you’re reading this from, you need to get thinking about the holidays you want to have, and we’re going to help. From the packing to the planning, let’s debug your next postcard, and make it more achievable.


Where Are You Going To Next?


So this is the first thing that you need to be thinking about. Where do you think you’ll end up going next, and when do you want to go there? As we said, it doesn’t matter if you have a holiday or two planned, this is something you should always be thinking about. A good way to randomly pick where you’re going to go in the world, as long as you’re not bothered about where you go in the world, is throwing darts at a map. As silly as it sounds, it’s just a fun way to find a new country to go to. Hopefully you will be totally rubbish at darts, so you’ll never really get where you think you’re aiming at. It makes it a little bit more exciting and not as planned. You might also need a few tries if you end up in the sea or Afghanistan, but you will get there. If this is not your style, and you’re looking for some simple inspiration, you just need to put it into categories. Do you want a beach, city, sightseeing, or winter break? Once you narrow it down to this, you can then think of locations that meet that holiday type. Before long you’ll stumble across a few that takes your fancy. 


The Planning


The planning is another one that many people find difficult. If you’re in a relationship, you’re either the one that plans all of the holidays, or the one that stands back and let the other person do it for you. But we think it’s so easy, and it’s a big part of the fun involved in holidays. But to make sure you plan it properly, we think there’s more to think about than the average person does. We know some of you will just prefer to go with the flow of the holiday, but the more you plan, the easier it’s going to be to get the most out of it. To do so, you might want to look at travel tips and tricks, just to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the holiday. Tips such as when is the best time to go out for food, when it is high season in countries as it’ll be busier, and how to get the best pictures for your scrapbook. The best thing that you can do is prebook things to do before you get there as well. It gives you something more structured to stick to, and makes sure that you won’t waste any time whilst you’re there. There are plenty of websites o n the internet where you can pre book holiday excursions. You might even be able to do it through the travel company you’re choosing to book with. Our best advice for getting a good deal on the entire holiday, would be to wait until the new year sales. Travel sites always put on some sort of sale in the new year. 


The Packing


Packing is either going to be a nightmare for you, or you’re going to be so organised that it is a breeze. The best way to tackle it, is to first make a list of all of the things that you need to take. A step people often miss out, things just start getting thrown into a suitcase in the days leading up to the holiday, then the day before it becomes a challenge to work out what else is needed. But if you follow your list, and check it off as you go, you’ll never be faced with leaving something behind. We know it’s super easy to get things in the country you’re travelling to, if it’s not some far corner of the world, but it’s still a hassle that you don’t need as soon as you get on holiday! We also advise that you over pack, always. You might always be guilty of this, but not everyone is. We’re talking over packing in terms of a few extra pairs of pants and socks, a spare outfit or two, and plenty of shoes and accessories. The more you have, the more you’ll feel comfortable to change more often, which if you’re going on a hot holiday, it might be needed. 


The Adventure


Finally, we think your next holiday should be filled with as much adventure as possible. Even if you have never done anything aside from an all inclusive beach resort, make your next holiday one. They’re so good for getting that true feeling of the country you’re going to. It’s far harder to get bored, you’ll see things that you’ve never seen before, and learn far more than you would. There will still be time for relaxing and soaking up the sun if that’s what you’re after. Being able to do so will come with some good planning beforehand! 

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