Top Tips for Cleaning After the Holidays!

The holidays are upon us, and with the decorations, parties, cooking, and extra guests, the holidays can really do a number on your home. So although there are still some festivities to go, having a plan in place for after, is going to be essential to help your home to have some tender loving care after the wear and tear. So here are some tips to help you to start off the New Year with a sparkling clean home.

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Clean Up After House Guests


It is important to make sure that you start off with a deep clean around the home. Disinfecting surfaces is one of the first things that you can do, as there have been people in and out of the home with coughs and colds. Washing linen and pillows if you have had people staying in the house is a must, as well as cleaning the carpets, floors, and generally dusting around the house. Having a clear out of the refrigerator is important, not only to clear out any rotting leftovers, but disinfect and clean away any germs.


On a similar note, if any of your appliances have not coped well with the overuse that can happen over the holidays, like the cooker or the refrigerator, even a washing machine, you should start off the new year with appliances that are all working. You might be able to do it yourself, but it could be worth looking into getting the right appliance repair tech to get the job done. You don’t want to be without something vital because of overuse during the holidays.


Clean and Store Holiday Decorations


When it comes to taking out your decorations next year, none of us  want to find knotted lights or broken ornaments. So in order to avoid this in about a year’s time, it is important to put away your decorations in a safely stored way. As you take them down, giving them a clean is a good idea to get rid of any dirt or dust, and then storing in labelled boxes and bags is really important. It could even be a good idea to store them into boxes by room, such as living area decorations and dining room decorations, for example.


Prepare For The Rest Of Winter


The holidays can be something that will be over soon, but we still have the rest of winter to get through. So clearing away holiday decorations doesn’t mean that you have to clear away anything related to winter. There are still weeks of mud, snow, and dirt that could get trampled through the house. It could be a good idea to put down some rugs or floor runners if you don’t already have them. Make sure that you have plenty of throws out for getting cosy with as well. You might even want to keep some fairy lights up for atmospheric reasons before the lighter nights arrive. It is going to be time for a spring clean before you know it!

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