How to Create a More Tranquil Living Space

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As the new year begins, many of us are looking for ways to create more meaning and peace in our lives. Did you know that elements of your home design can be specifically planned to create areas ideal for alone time, quiet reflection and connection with nature? Designing a calm home for 2020 is a great resolution because not only does it have an easy end goal, but by making some simple adjustments to your home, you can enjoy the benefits for the rest of the year.


With everyone’s lives being so hectic outside the home, it’s never been more important to create a relaxing, calm place for yourself to be able to retreat to. When you are more relaxed at home, you have more energy to deal with the rest of your life. So, here are some ways to get a calm feeling in the home.


Light Shades and Blue Tones

Play around with the colour scheme to get a more relaxing vibe in your home and the new year is a great excuse to give your walls a fresh coat of paint and go for a whole new look. Light colours and blue are a great way to create an instant relaxing tone that would suit a calm home for 2020. Earthy tones are also very calming. 


Stay Away From Clutter 

For a more calming environment and for a less cluttered life, have a less cluttered house. If you’re not ready to part with certain things yet but don’t have enough room for them, then look into storage spaces where you can keep some of the things you don’t need that often. 


Plant Life

Having nature around you in the home can be really relaxing without you even realizing it. You can do so much with plants too, whether its a few floor plants or plants on dining tables, end tables, mantels or shelves, the options are endless. The more you surround yourself with natural elements, the more relaxing of a vibe the room tends to have. 


Water Features

Water features are another great way to get a more calm home as the trickling sound of the water is instantly soothing. A wonderful way to get this element in your home is a water wall, although they’re a bit of an investment. Alternatively, you might also want to try more affordable tabletop water fountains which usually have water running over rocks or through bamboo reeds. They create the same relaxing sound of running water in your home as larger features, and they look good too.


Make It Smell Great

Stock up on a few different soy candles so you can pick scents to match your mood. It’s nice to have a choice so you can mix things up and it can also make you feel really relaxed when you are surrounded by candlelight. 


Emphasize Natural Light

Where you can, use natural light. Open curtains and make sure nothing is blocking your windows.


Keep Furniture Simple

Embrace simplicity and avoid complicated detail. Choose furniture which is high quality and made of natural materials as this will bring a sense of warmth and relaxation. 

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