How to Control Pests

Are Any Problems Hiding In Your Garden

Pests are a problem. Not only are they creepy and unsightly, but they can cause damage to your home, and even impact your health. It’s something that most homeowners will come up against at one time or another, but the good news is that if you arm yourself with knowledge you can tackle the problem- and prevent further infestations. Here’s what you need to know. 


Common Pests

The pests that you’re most likely to see in your home usually depend on where you live- the climate, if you have fields and meadows nearby and the condition of your home (for example, slugs will be attracted to cool, damp areas. However, some common pests that you might come up against include insects such as beetles and moths, rodents and even some species of birds. 


How do they get in?

Pests can often find their way inside even the most resilient of homes. In the cases of small creatures like ants, any tiny gaps and cracks can be enough for them to march right in. Slugs and rodents both have ways of squeezing their bodies through even the smallest of spaces. In the case of flying insects like moths, they’ll usually fly right inside through an open window or door and start looking for places to lay their eggs. Fleas and ticks get a ride inside on our pets, and other times, we can bring pests inside our homes ourselves without even realising. If you’ve ever bought a second hand mattress or piece of soft furnishings, it could potentially be riddled with bed bugs. 


Preventing pests

First of all, keeping your home clean and tidy is key. This makes it easier to spot any pest activity so that you can tackle the problem quickly before they’ve had a chance to properly infest. Go around your property and work on sealing any gaps and cracks with expanding foam or filler, look carefully under your door, around drains and other places rodents or slugs might try and get in. If you already have an infestation, you could try and deal with it yourself with a specific treatment- for example bed bug treatment for bed bugs or flea powder for the home for fleas (don’t forget to treat pets too). In the case of fleas on dogs and cats, many over the counter remedies are no longer effective since fleas have developed immunity to them, so a prescription from your vet will be necessary. If you’re dealing with a larger problem you could phone an exterminator and have them tackle things for you. Lots of types of pests tend to lay eggs and have a life cycle that needs to be broken, it can be tricky to do this if you don’t know what you’re doing so professional help is no bad thing.

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