Fun Adventure To Find On Holidays!


When we book our holidays it may just be that we are aiming for a relaxing week in the sun with nothing to worry about but the amount of suncream left and how much we will indulge at the luxury evening buffet. However, there are plenty of ways to have a little more than an adventure if you’re one of the thrill seekers who want to dip your toes into some exciting holiday activity ideas. Some for the daredevils, the adventurers and the explorers! Let’s pick out some locations and the best they have to offer! 


See The World From Above!


There is no better way to see your destination than to see it from above where you can grasp the enormity if it’s beauty and see the rooftops or treetops. Most large cities offer Helicopter rides and it can be an exciting prospect to circle above it all. Or you could opt to float gracefully through the sky in a hot air balloon! If this tickles your fancy, there will be a hot air balloon festival to sit you to delve deeper into the magical world! Not only is it fun but it’s a romantic gesture for someone you love! 


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Wine Taste Somewhere Remote 


This one is most definitely for the food and drink lovers. Indulge in a wine tasting experience, offered nearly all over the world but particularly exciting in wine country of South Africa. See the sumptuous vineyards and select your own wines! Or you may choose an indulgent wine tasting at dinner or perhaps! It’s also know that wine flights are a luxury are a luxury experience which allows you to have a different glass of wine for each dish, to tantalise your tastebuds! 


Horse Trekking Around Asia 


This is one exciting way to get around on your vacation, by horse! Often it is the only way if you’re visiting parts of Asia. It’s a brilliant way to see off the beaten tracks that could be tricky by foot and cover a vast amount of land on your travels. Some holidays will include this kind of trip or you can delve further into other companies that offer a trip through the mountains on horseback. With stops off for picnics and seeing the land from the back of a horse, it’s an exhilarating experience that you won’t forget.


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Take In Vienna’s Classical Music! 


Vienna is not just known for its majestic buildings, it is also famous for its magnificence Viennese coffeehouses which are in their plenty; and there are a multitude of musical shows to see and experience. The famous Vienna opera house is known worldwide and it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. There is no need to prebook tickets as here are often sellers outside who are willing to sell their last seats of the night, some may however over sell and it may be more expensive but know your budget and limits. The opera house is a fine example of western musical culture in an international setting and makes for a beautiful evening. 


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