Adding Summer to Your Home All Season Long!


Are Any Problems Hiding In Your GardenOne of the things that everyone knows about summer is that it’s easy. It’s bright and beautiful, with warmth from the sun and bright blue skies that feel endless. The problem is that you can’t get this kind of heat all year around unless you hunker down somewhere along the equator. So, while the snow falls outside the windows and the freezing winds blow, it’s nice to be able to sit somewhere and daydream of the summer sunshine. If you are in the mood to decorate your home, the best thing that you can do is channel your inner sun-worshipper and go for a summer theme, right?


There are so many beautiful ways that you can decorate your interior, with bright colors, light fabrics and the right fixtures to really promote a summer theme. Summer is the time of year that encourages parties, late nights in the garden, evening picnics and generally is the time to spend with your friends. Summer is welcoming, inviting and all about time spent together, and you can reflect this in your home! 


So, with all this in mind, you can add summer to your home even in the depths of the winter months. You can step inside and immediately feel the warmth ahead. Let’s take a look at how you can add a little summer to your home.

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  • Choose Natural Fabrics


There are so many options for natural fabrics that can help you to embrace the summer decor in your home. Cotton fabrics, rattan and wood furnishing and pendant lights that brighten the space. These fabrics immediately transport your mind to the beach; especially wicker! 


  • Let The Sunshine In


Natural light is a must if you want to embrace a summer theme in your home. Taking down the heavy curtains and replacing them with light wooden blinds is important. Sealing in the heat is one thing for the winter, but you want to embrace the summer here so think about letting in natural light. If you can’t do that (because it literally is winter!), then think about choosing white curtains instead! The lighter colors can fake the lighter weight, so you stay warm while it looks bright.


  • Add Some Fresh Air


No one wants to throw back the windows in the colder months, and understandably so. However, you can still encourage your home to be light and airy with high quality ceiling fans installed above you. Not only will you have the summer look in your home, you’ll be able to add a beautiful fixture that will open up the space and really allow you to make your home look modern. 


  • Sink Into Simplicity


Summer equals simple and while you can’t expect the weather all year around, you can still simplify the home with summer decor. Accent pillows can add pops of color, but you can take away the fleece blankets and reduce the layers you’ve added for warmth. Simple is everything, and everything in summer is simple.


  • Bring In The Nature


So, you can’t lounge in the yard in the great outdoors when there’s snow on the ground and minus temperatures. You don’t have to have a green thumb to appreciate the beauty in nature, but you can bring in some beautiful florals and potted plants to decorate your space. Find the low-maintenance options that will last through the winter, as nothing screams summer more than greenery and beautiful flowers!


  • Shift Your Focus


You’ve been sitting toward the fireplace throughout the winter, and as cozy as that is, you’re trying to embrace some summer themes in your home. Turn your focus from the fireplace to the larger windows where the natural light streams in. Your focus should be on the lighter furnishings, the lighter curtains, the blinds in place of the window treatments – it all works to give you something to focus on that isn’t heavy and dark.


  • Add Color


Artwork can really brighten a home, and when you change up the art on your walls, you can choose images and slogans that embrace sunshine and ocean scenery to invite summer in through the door. Color the home in the right summer palette and you can envision days at the beach and in the countryside every time that you step inside the door.


The summer months may be far away, but that doesn’t mean you have to live without them. Lighten the home, make it simple and choose the decor and artwork that will remind you of lazy days on the coast. Summer is in whether it’s winter or not!


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