Adding Personality to Your Home with These Tips!

Every home can do with an extra bit of sparkle and shine. There are so many ways out there to do this, and not all will break the bank. The home is not just a place where you live. It is an extension of yourself. Everyone knows that your clothing or your car can speak volumes about you. Well, let’s face it, so does your home and garden. They can say far more, in fact. If you are an Eco-conscious person, your home needs to reflect this. An artist then you require artwork, a writer, a bookshelf, etc. etc. If your home does not reflect you, then whose personality are you allowing to permeate your mind and take you away from yourself? You need to surround yourself with things that reflect that inner you. To allow your soul to shine. Immersing yourself with things that make you happy can make you feel at peace. This can make a home a sanctuary, a place for your mind to relax and wonder. Sometimes all you need are a few ideas, and away you go into a world of your very own. 

Adding Value To Your Home Is Easier Than You Think

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Add some color

One of the simplest ways to bring your personality out in your home is with paint. Color can make something that was quite dull and low energy, suddenly feel so much more alive and vibrant. You can feel the new spirit in the air. Color can actually generate an atmosphere conducive to creativity. If you are an artist or musician, this is something you will want and need. If you are an artist that is not creating, are you happy? Perhaps you can imagine your home as your muse. As an extraction of the art itself. It could be beautiful. You do not want a stifling color or something oppressive to repress you, unless you love black and that is what you need to feel alive. Whatever personality you have, choose something that will bring you back to life. Perhaps there is a specific color you absolutely love, like blue. Or maybe you would prefer to mix it up a bit and play, add spots, patterns, and pretty decals. You can do the same thing outside on your fences or sides of the shed. It’s up to you. The good thing is when you get bored, you can paint over it. 


Think about artwork and historical artefacts

Go everywhere and anywhere and pick up art and antiques you love. Choose things that speak to you, that say something about you. Buy pieces that make you feel something, an emotion you can’t describe. Maybe you are into unusual paintings or sculptures, so, grab something for the house, and also something for the garden too. Sometimes you can pick up a real bargain at a second-hand store, and occasionally you can find something truly amazing in more ways than one. If you look, you will find objects and ornaments that you have never seen before, and this can make your home seem like a wonderland of surprises. You could even mix in your own artwork. If you have the money and are happy to buy something expensive, go for it. At the end of the day, it is your house. It is your place to do with what you will. You have to allow your modes of expression to rule the roost around you, if you are going to flourish as you.


Reupholster your furniture

Do you have any tired-looking old furniture you cannot bear the thought of living without? Why not get some sandpaper and sand it down and either varnish or paint it. This will make it seem new again, so you can love it once more. Why don’t you go out and get a staple gun and some material, something with a pattern on it that matches your mood? You can go to town on that old sofa or wooden trunk. It will completely turn that old furniture around. Also, what about your kitchen appliances, perhaps your fridge is not working the way it should, instead of buying a new one, speak to westinghouse fridge parts and get it working again. You can cover it with paint once it’s back to life.


Mix it up on the patterns

Do not be afraid to go wild on the patterns. If this is how you feel on the inside, then let it show. After all, depending on the kind of person you are, what you are looking for is something that will allow you to be you. Not to stifle you. Some people require a lot of hodge-podge stimuli. Perhaps you are one of them. In a case of mixing it up, the more, the merrier. If you end up being confused by the space you have created, take it down. There is nothing to stop you.



Maybe your home is cluttered with old bits and pieces. Perhaps you are a bit of a hoarder. This may not be doing your mental health any favors. If you declutter your space, you may be able to find that Zen spot and begin natural healing. Decluttering can have an amazing effect on the brain. If you are stressed person, with a stressed job,you may want a home to engender peace. So think about throwing out all that old stuff that has no value and no purpose to your life.


Throws, cushions, rugs, and accessories

A few colorful rugs and throws in the correct place can do wonders. Perhaps adorning your wall with a throw, adds that little mystique you are after. Litter the sofa with pillows of all shapes and sizes, perhaps some with meaningful quotes. Again, accessories can add personality, a few wind spinners for the garden. A dream catcher. There is no end to the creative ways you can express yourself if you are prepared to go out and look for them. You could even have some pillows made up with photos on. Experiment, go wild, and most of all, be you.



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