Winter Home Maintenance Tips!

Protect Your Home With These Winter Maintenance Tasks


In some parts of the country, winter is entirely upon us. However, there are still some places that are yet to feel the pure chill. While it’s nice to enjoy the remaining weeks, days, or hours of Fall, you must still do what you can to prepare. 

You’ve already done some summer maintenance this year, so now it’s time for winter maintenance, there are other essentials that you may have forgotten. To make sure that you can enjoy every second of the holiday season without worrying about a potential problem once the ice melts and the flower blossoms return, keep on reading. 

Protecting From the Elements

Even if you live somewhere that doesn’t take the full brunt of winter, you can never be sure that this year will be the same. Because of this, you must protect everything you can from the elements, including plants, pipes, and vehicles. 

Transferring outdoor plants indoors to a more temperate climate is the best place to start, while insulating foam for your pipes will stop them from bursting following a sudden and unexpected sub-sub-zero flurry. As for trucks, cars, and RVs, a carport is an excellent solution that you can use all year-round, not just in winter. 

The metal construction of an RV carport is a great way to protect your vehicles from frost and can also keep it safe from UV rays during the summer months. 

Switch Off the Faucets

If yours is a family that likes to go away over the holidays, you must remember to drain your pipes and faucets and switch off the water to the home. While insulating foam can protect the pipelines, an absence of release that a tap would experience every time you do the dishes or wash your hands can have disastrous consequences for your home. 

By switching off the water, you prevent it from sitting there waiting to expand and then split the pipes in the worst places. Water damage can affect everywhere in the house and the yard and could cause problems that are not just inconvenient for you and your neighbors but also expensive. 

Up On The Roof

When you are decorating the outside of your house ready for Christmas, take the time to inspect the state of the gutters and clear them out if there is a buildup of muck, debris, and leaves following trees shedding them as Fall came to an end. This will prevent blockages and overflows, while also protecting the gutters from damage from ice or too much weight. 

While you’re up there, it’s also a good idea to check for any holes in the roof. As the temperature drops, you’ll be relying on the heating more and more, so by fixing any holes, you can conserve energy and enjoy a warm and cozy home all winter long. 

Ticking Off Your Checklist

Preparing for winter and undertaking essential maintenance is never fun, but it is always necessary. If you make sure everything is secure and ready now, you’ll have a better time having fun over the colder months, and you’ll probably also save a lot of money, too. 

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