Why You Should Travel Alone

It can be a lot of fun to grab a gang of friends or your significant other and set forth on an adventure to unknown lands. But it’s always worth keeping in mind that there are other options available too, chiefly, traveling by yourself. If you’ve never done this type of travel before, then you might want to consider it — as you’ll see below, there are a lot of benefits to deciding to throw away the safety net of other travel companions. Take a read, and you might just decide that the next trip will be a solo one.


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It’s Scary


We should all do more than scares us. Most of us stay in our comfort zones at all times, and we only venture out when we’re forced to. By deciding to travel by yourself, you’ll be voluntarily stepping outside of your comfort zone. This, of course, can be a little daunting, but if there’s one thing to fear, it’s fear itself. You’ll find that you gain a lot of confidence by meeting your fear head-on — oh, and it’ll be nowhere as scary when you do it as it is beforehand.


You Can Be More Adventurous


It’s normal to want to have a partner in crime when you’re going forth on an adventure. But the reality is that not everyone is like you. You could be the most adventurous one in your group of friends, and that means that every time you take a trip with them, you’ll need to play it safe, somewhat. The real adventure, the one that you’re most excited about, might be too much for your group of friends. Solo travel allows you to do all the things you wanted to do. It’s understandable that you might shy away from the pressure of having to organize everything yourself, but this isn’t even the case, no matter where you want to go. There are companies that help organize trips for solo travelers in the Galapagos, for instance. So look at leaving your friends at home next time, and have an adventure all of your own.


You Look Outward


One of the issues that people who travel with friends and family often overlook is that it’s more difficult to look outward when you’re with the people you know. You just talk to one another, share jokes from back home, and your views can be impacted by the “group’s views.” When you’re by yourself, this problem goes away. Rather than looking sideways at your travel companions, you look outward, at the world. You go up to speak to strangers since it’s that or stay by yourself. You look at the destination’s attractions with your own eyes, rather than as a group.


You Can Be Selfish


Finally, traveling by yourself allows you to be selfish — you don’t need to think about other people’s needs, you can just think about your own. If you’re generally a thoughtful and selfless person, then solo travel is a great way to treat yourself. 

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