Top Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

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There are some things that even the most experienced homeowners aren’t necessarily aware of until disaster strikes – either to you or someone you know. It might only be a little thing, but every home contains features which we aren’t aware could be causing danger until something goes wrong. Below are some top tips for things you might not have heard about before to make sure your home is safe and secure.




Lint is absolutely everywhere but builds up quickly, particularly in places that you might not often check. Air vents, tumble dryers, and air conditioning units can all suck in and trap these tiny shreds of fabric and dust from the air. Tumble dryer units, because of the heating element, can cause fires if left unattended, so make sure you get your dryer vent cleaned regularly to avoid this problem.


Bathtub and Shower


It might seem an obvious hazard, but so many of us don’t take steps to reduce the risk of slips and accidents in the bathroom. Even if you’re perfectly fit and don’t live with anyone who has mobility issues, it can be a good idea to take precautions in your bathroom to prevent a trip before it happens.


Carbon Monoxide


Unlike gas, carbon monoxide is odorless and so can’t be detected by you alone. For this reason, it’s crucial to have carbon monoxide detectors fitted within your home and check them regularly to make sure the batteries are still operational. It’s also a good idea to have any appliances which use carbon monoxide inspected annually for wear and tear.


Extension Cables


Although we all know about the dangers of overcrowding extension cables, the filaments inside them can overheat more easily than regular plug sockets, making them a leading cause of electrical fires. Make sure they are checked and replaced regularly to avoid any problems.




This might seem like a harmless enough device – and we’re all aware of how much of a benefit they can be in reducing the likelihood of catching a cold – but leave the water sitting too long and it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. This means that when you switch on your humidifier, it can puff out mold spores, fungus and other bacteria. Changing the water regularly will easily prevent this.


Flame Retardants


These have been used to fire-proof many regular household items such as mattresses, kids’ toys and upholstery. However, the chemicals use to make fire retardant material have been linked to certain types of cancer, birth defects and other problems. New information is still being uncovered regarding the possible dangers of the chemicals used in flame retardants, but the best course of action is to keep your home clean and tidy so you are removing the particles in the air you breathe in.


There’s no reason to feel paranoid now about every part of your home – incorporating basic cleaning and checks into part of your annual household maintenance is enough to prevent most incidents. Being aware of the things that can build up without you seeing them is the best first step you can make – remember, prevention is better than cure.



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