Tips to Keep Your Kid’s Room Clean!


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One of the biggest battles we have as a parent is keeping our kids’ rooms clean! But when we have little hurricanes of clutter it can feel like a pointless attempt to keep their room clean. But are there any simple ways to ensure that our children keep their room clean all year round?

Don’t Try To Deep Clean All The Time!

Our children have their own space so we need to respect this. But when we try to nudge our way in there and do a deep clean every single week, this is completely unrealistic. While we want to keep on top of cleaning their carpets, as long as we do a superficial clean, either when they’re in school or out of the room, this is more than enough. Or, we may have concerns that they are damaging the carpet, that this is when companies like Devine Rug Cleaning come in handy. It’s impossible for us to do a massive clean all of the time.


Reward The Child

One of the age-old practices of parenting is giving rewards, as long as they toe the line. When it comes to keeping their room clean, there may be things that they want to do to personalize their space. They may want to design various images and put them across the walls. And if they want to, they’ve got to keep their room clean! Putting rewards in place is difficult for some people to enforce, but it’s all about persistence. 


Implement A Routine

As human beings, we are creatures of habit. If we can get our children into a routine as early as possible, this can be harder to break. When it comes to something like cleaning the room, what we tend to do is nag them into submission. But if we get them into a routine where they clean a little bit after themselves each and every time, this is a lot less work, for them and you. And yes, this does sound like a difficult thing, but again, it is about persistence. What we tend to do is try a couple of times, and then give up. But if we try to knock them into submission with something that benefits them, in conjunction with the reward, we may very well win this battle!


Teach Them How To Clean

If they don’t let you in their room, by teaching them how to clean the room themselves you don’t need to go in there! And, again this is about instilling habits as early as possible. But if we can teach them a way to do it properly, we won’t have to nag them, and so if we can make them see the positives of doing it themselves, it is reverse psychology in action. As well as this, we could find ways to minimize the boredom for them. Or we could present them with a choice. For example, either do their homework or clean their room. Which one would you rather do? It’s all about these little touches of psychology that may work wonders. And if you don’t want a battle on your hands every time, it’s worth trying some of these tactics.


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