Fresh Light Meal Ideas!


Slow Cooker Very Vegetable SoupHeavy meals are great for your morale and great for your body. Heavy usually means rich, fatty and or just dense. A heavy meal can be a plate of pasta made with pork and beef meatballs. But every now and then you want to make lighter meals that have almost as many calories but none of the post-meal bloating and sleepiness. But you need to have a certain skill to make light meals. You have to know what constitutes a light ingredient so you have a higher chance of making a meal that fits the requirements. Even some ingredients that look heavy, can be used in recipes that are for lighter foods. The key is knowing how to use those ingredients and being able to cook them properly.

The classic Med dish

One of the most common foods in the Mediterranean is falafel. It’s a chickpea mash that has been balled up with herbs and spices and then lightly fried in oil. However, the falafel has many different uses. Although chickpeas are mainly carbs, if you cover a diced chicken breast cube with the paste, you can make falafel chicken. Then you can lightly fry the chicken and you’ll have an herb and spice delight that’s full of protein and a few carbs. To go with this you should have a traditional Morrocan hummus. Hummus is mashed chickpeas only this time with a lot of olive oil and tahini. These two ingredients give the chickpea mash a liquid consistency and creamy texture. Together with a salad of red onion, red peppers and tomatoes, you’ve got a light meal that’s going to be filling and remind you of the sunny beaches of the Med. 


Juice or milkshake?

The latest craze of light meals that’s been around now is juice smoothies. It’s just fruit that has been blended and simply drank as a whole meal. To try this at home, use one to the best masticating juicer products on the market. The Aobosi is the largest of the bunch so if you want to make smoothies for more than one person at a time, it’s best to go with this one. However, fruit smoothies can be enjoyed in another way. They can be poured into a blender with some semi-skimmed milk inside and made into a milkshake. The milk isn’t fatty and the fruit is going to be next to zero carbs. Add a little light whipped cream and chocolate shavings and you have a tasty lunchtime meal or perhaps a dessert after dinner.


Salt of the earth

How should fish be enjoyed? Many fishermen say that fish should always taste like the sea. So firstly, buy a lean fillet of cod, haddock, Alaska pollack or pretty much any white fish. Rub it with olive oil and simply seer it in a griddle pan. As the fillet cooks, sprinkle a little sea salt on it and nothing else. No lemon, no pepper, and no vinegar. A delish fillet, with the salt of the earth.

Light meals are increasing in popularity because of newer and simpler recipes. We’re also more aware of our options which is why more and more Mediterranean food is being eaten at home. 


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