Foodie’s Guide to Christmas!


NYC Cake TourImage by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

If you know a foodie and you’re looking for something a bit different to get this Christmas, then look no further. This list has all you need for those food lovers in your life and maybe a few treats for yourself too.

An Extra Long Cheese Board

A longer the cheese board means less fighting over that last chunk of brie. A beautiful Large, four foot long, oak sharing platter board, is perfect for sharing food with friends and family and it’s not just cheese, it means you can conjure up big, simple suppers that can be easily prepared and shared with family and friends with minimal fuss, whilst looking immensely impressive.

A Hamper 

At this time of year, there are so many hampers to choose from. However, there are also a lot that contains stuff people don’t want, and it ends up going to the back of the cupboard. It might actually be cheaper and a far more personal gift to make a hamper yourself. For example, if you have a friend who is pregnant, you could get them one with all their favourite treats and plenty of soft drinks, if you know someone who likes it spicy you can fill it with things like chilli nuts, ghost pepper sauce, curry sauce and chocolate chilli. Let your imagination go wild, there are loads you can do, and your foodie friend will love it. 

Mini Waffle Maker

This is a small but mighty machine and makes some seriously good waffles, and if you know a Keto fan, then they particularly love a chaffle which is a low-carb cheese and egg waffles. See it’s not just about your standard waffles, your foodie friend can experiment with all sorts and toppings too. 

Prosecco Pong

A good stocking filler and something to play, later on, Prosecco Pong includes 12 Prosecco glasses and three neon pink ping pong balls, everything you need to throw your own prosecco pong party – do you need any more explanation?

Delish Insane Sweets

There are thousands of cookbooks to get a foodie, and the shelves are currently littered with vegan, veggie, 100 things to do with cauliflower and how to go plant-based type books. If that’s what you’re looking for, it will be easy to find. But if you’re looking for something a little more mouth-wateringly exquisite then just look at the front cover of Delish Insane Sweets. It says it’s even for the people who claim they “don’t like dessert.” Every page just looks incredible. 

A Cheese Geek Subscription

Again, there are tonnes of foodie subscriptions out there, so if you’re pal loves chocolate, loves Indian food or coffee, there’s something for them. This Cheese Geek one though is the thing for cheese lovers. There are different subscription options but the most popular one which you can have either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, will include 4-5 of the finest cheeses totalling approx. 600g, which is enough for around 4-8 sittings. The selection will always be perfectly balanced, including some award-winning classics alongside equally exciting, lesser-known alternatives. Each cheese is hand-picked in season and at the best stage of its life. Each delivery also includes tasting notes, pairing tips and a scorecard, so you can rate each cheese and keep track of your favourites. 


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