What To Do With Your Holiday Leftovers

Sometimes Holiday leftovers can be as good if not better than the meal itself. There’s just something about putting together this delicious food, not worrying about what it looks like anymore, remembering how amazing it tasted first time around, and then enjoying it differently. Depending on how much you have left, you may be able to do more than one of these brilliant ideas. 

What To Do With Your Holiday Leftovers

Make Ready-meals 

Fill a couple of microwavable containers with a serving of everything you have leftover from the table. Then just pop them in the freezer for future lunchboxes or quick dinners when you don’t have much time.


Once you’ve eaten all the meat you want, freeze the rest in Ziplock bags for ham or turkey salads in the future. If you’re going to get on your health kick straight away, then enjoy a yummy salad the next day.

Casseroles And Pies
Make a couple of casseroles or pies for the freezer. Start with layering vegetables on the bottom of a dish, put chopped meat on top of that, and then a layer of mashed potatoes. Top it off with breadcrumbs and cheese. Then in a couple of week’s time, when you haven’t had time to go to the shop or prepare anything, you can enjoy this delicious pie with your best red wine.

Hot Turkey Sandwiches
You think you’re stuffed and won’t be able to eat another morsel, but somehow a few hours after dinner, the idea of a hot turkey sandwich is irresistible. Slice up some of the turkey and add to your leftover gravy, then heat them both up thoroughly and serve over toast – add some stuffing too. 

If you love ham and cheese omelets, then just save some leftover ham and freeze in individual serving sizes to throw in when you want one.

Boil down the turkey carcass or ham bone with a little meat still attached. Once you have a decent, strong broth, strain it into containers and then add the meat scraps left in the bottom of the pot. You can then freeze this for future gravy or soup base.

Make soup
Instead of making broth, add leftover vegetables to make soup and then freeze it.

Potato Pancakes 
What could be better than potato pancakes the morning after a major holiday? To make them, just mix your mashed potatoes with flour, eggs, minced onion, and milk to form a thick batter and then fry.

Treat the dog 
Do you need to know much more? Just don’t let them eat the bones, but whatever else you can give them, they’ll love you for it, especially after they’ve been so good, waiting so patiently while you cooked everything.

Make Baby Food 
If you have a baby, then here’s some nutritious and yummy baby food for them. Puree leftovers and then freeze in ice cube trays for individual servings of baby food.

Prepare For Sandwiches 
Slice off as much meat as you can for sandwiches and then freeze it in containers with plastic wrap between every two or three slices. That way, you can remove just what you want for an easy lunch when the mood strikes.

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