Fry & Fly! Combining A Love Of Food With A Love Of Travel

Fewer things are more exhilarating in life than food and travel. For some people, they live the life of a foodie, trying new and exciting flavors, but don’t always have the opportunity to traverse the globe. Conversely, there are those that you can’t keep in one place! They are continual with a nomadic sensibility, and you can find them trying out new and exciting adventures all of the time. But what are the best ways for each and every one of us to combine our love for food with our love for travel and do it effectively?

Fry Fly Combining A Love Of Food With A Love Of Travel

Find One Vacation Destination That Covers Many Cultures

When you don’t have much in the way of money, trying to find the one perfect destination that covers all the bases can be difficult. But if you are looking for somewhere that boasts a wide variety of cultures when it comes to food, you can taste the west, east, north, and south pretty much all in one place! These days that it doesn’t necessarily matter where you go! But it all depends on looking for that sense of authenticity. If you love seafood, some of the best seafood in North Myrtle Beach, Australia gives you the opportunity to experience freshly caught sea bass and similar creatures of the ocean in an authentic setting. One of the more difficult aspects of travel is to find something incredibly authentic, which means that you have to go to the source. But if you love food, you never have to venture too far to find somewhere that covers a lot of ground.


What Food Do You Really Love?

Because food truly summarises a culture, you should think about the food that matters most to you. If you’re someone who loves a bowl of ramen noodles, and you’ve never ventured to Japan, the food provides such an entryway to another culture, that even if you end up being disappointed by the place, the food will more than make up for it. When you think about the food that you really love, this can dictate where you go. It doesn’t have to, but if you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily like traveling all over the place, and would rather stick to one location, picking the food that you really love and going to the source means that you will get the most out of it.


Go On A Brand New Culinary Expedition

Sometimes we got to test our taste buds and go further than we would dare. Look at someone like Anthony Bourdain, who went beyond his kitchen in New York and decided to truly get an experience of a different way of life through its food. Take inspiration from this and go forth into somewhere new and live vicariously through the meals. If you don’t like something like kangaroo or crocodile, you might be surprised as to how much you are willing to try it as soon as you settle into a new place where it is in abundance. Because we can be guided by our own taste buds when we are surrounded by the things that we know, we don’t test ourselves and go beyond the norm. A brand new culinary expedition doesn’t necessarily mean having to try things that are a delicacy in some far-flung rainforest, but by pushing your comfort zone a bit further out, you are challenging yourself. A lot of people, especially when it comes to travel, lean towards the more luxurious approaches and this means that they get a sanitized version of their destination. You’ve got to venture further and go for these authentic meals. A lot of people head straight to the street food places, especially in Asian countries, because this gives you that entryway into the culture, and is the perfect way to taste authentic foods from the heart of the country.


Get Inspired By Other People’s Travels

Who do you admire? Are there travel blogs out there that can guide you towards delicacies? But also, what about the people who have trodden the path before you? The great thing about traveling for food is that there are plenty of other people who do it as well. In fact, you can open yourself up to new and exciting areas by-proxy. Perhaps you are on the lookout for something a bit more in relation to wine or distillery tours. If you are looking to explore a new scene, or travel somewhere you have never been to before, the food aspect makes up for a lot of it. What you can do is make reservations at numerous restaurants and give yourself the chance to try as much as humanly possible. But also, look at the people around you, and what they are eating. Getting inspired by other people’s travels isn’t just about going on a random blog but getting inspired by the people around you. If you are a little reticent in terms of food, you can at least get more out of the place that you’re going to. Also, you don’t necessarily need to book tables at posh restaurants and live a luxurious life. There’s a lot of hidden treasures in the more rustic areas. Street food is a good example but looks for the places where the locals go. If you really want to get the experience of a new place, especially through its food, trying to traverse the area as if you are a local gives you a more authentic approach.

Combining a love for food with a love for travel is the dream for many. Sometimes we have a minimal budget so we’ve got to pick one place, but also, we can find ourselves limited by our own food reservations. Food is the perfect gateway to a place, and the more you travel, the more food you eat, and the more you get an appreciation for the place. A lot of people go for the history or the culture, but the food provides such an authentic entryway that if you are a foodie but not necessarily keen on more cultural aspects, if you want to explore a place, doing it via the various eateries is a fantastic approach.


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