Cut Calories And Cut Costs

You’ll hear a lot of people claiming that healthy eating is more expensive. However, it’s possible to eat healthily and save money at the same time. Here are several tricks to cut calories and cut costs on your grocery bills.

Cut Calories And Cut Costs

Cut down on processed foods

Many processed foods are full of sugar, salt, preservatives, colorants, and other unhealthy ingredients. This includes junk food such as cookies, candy, and chips, which often have no nutritional value whatsoever. However, this food isn’t just unhealthy – it can also get expensive if you’re continuously buying. Cooking from fresh ingredients more regularly and eating more natural snacks like fruit and nuts will save you huge amounts.

Eat less meat

Meat has its health benefits, but most of us eat much more of it than is necessary. It’s also one of the most expensive ingredients when shopping – particularly red meat. While you don’t have to go vegetarian, cutting down your meat consumption to two or three meals per week could make a big impact. There are lots of substitutes for protein out there such as fish, tofu, lentils, mushrooms and quinoa that are much healthier and cheaper options. This guide at Cookie + Kate has some great meatless recipes for those that need a bit of inspiration.

Shop for fresh ingredients in season

Ingredients such as fruit and vegetables can be a lot cheaper when you buy them in season. This is because they don’t need to be shipped from abroad. Foods that are in season also tend to be healthier – because they haven’t had to be shipped from anywhere, there’s more chance of them being organic and not sprayed with preservatives.

Try meal kits

Meal kits can be a convenient way of eating healthy, allowing you to order all the ingredients for a meal in one kit rather than having to shop for these ingredients individually. Some meals kits can also save you money as this EveryPlate meal kits review details. There are meal kits out there for all preferences, whether you’re vegetarian, gluten intolerant or organic-only.  

Grow your own produce

It’s also possible to save costs by growing your own food. You could start a vegetable patch in your backyard or you could grow edible plants indoors. On top of saving costs, you’ll also eat healthier, because you’ll be more encouraged to eat using fresh ingredients. This blog post at Garden Tech offers some information on some of the best fruit and vegetables to grow for beginners. Growing your own greens can take a lot of effort, but it’s rewarding knowing that you’ve harvested it yourself.

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