Are Any Problems Hiding In Your Garden?

Your garden can be quite varied and mixed up the place; all kinds of things could be growing out there without your knowledge, and all kinds of critters are living in your soil. All in all, everyone who owns a garden has their own jungle to contend with, and that’s where the problems can start to roll in!

If you’re someone who wants to get a bit more use out of your garden, even now that summer has passed us by, let’s make sure you know the most common issues every garden tends to have. If you know to look out for them, you can put them to bed sooner rather than later. So let’s take a look at a few below.

Are Any Problems Hiding In Your Garden
There could be a multitude of sins hiding behind these green bushes!

Maybe You’ve Over Tilled the Soil?

Tilling, or turning over soil, is an age-old practice that a lot of people swear by. However, there’s a good chance it does little to nothing for the soil in your back garden. Indeed, you might have very well over tilled the soil at your disposal, and now you’re paying the price in mixed up roots and leaves, and a lack of properly growing plants. 

Over tilling, soil can lead to some very dry ground, or indeed, some very moist and unstable ground. Either way, it can be hard for an organic plant to grow out there, especially if there’s  a lot of shade coverage to pair the unsuitable ground conditions with! 

Maybe a Tree Has Grown Wrong?

Planting a tree in the wrong place, or even just sowing some tree saplings or seeds at the wrong time of year, can lead to a lot of problems. If the tree doesn’t have enough room to spread its roots and grow up and out, because there’s something in the way or another tree is far too close by, there’s a good chance you’ll be dealing with some major garden problems soon. 

Namely, a fallen tree that you did not cut down yourself, or even some lifting pavement, fencing, or driveways! If you notice any of these things happening to you, or you see the signs of a decaying tree on the horizon, make sure you get in touch with an arborist service to sort the issue out properly for you. You might also be able to snag some advice on replanting properly in the future! 

Are There Weeds All Over the Place?

And finally, you might start noticing that there are weeds all over the place, especially if you only dig out the most noticeable plants in the lawn of your garden. After all, when you only dig up a few of the roots, you leave behind a veritable breeding ground that’s only going to get worse in the future. So make sure you’re looking under plants and bushes for the telltale signs of weed growth. 

Remember, there could be some problems hiding in your garden!

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