So You Need To Move Quickly? Here’s How To Do It

Sometimes life happens extremely quickly, and you might find that you need to move house as fast as you can. This is generally not a welcome idea: it’s the sort of thing that requires a lot of planning and that feels extremely stressful, but the truth is that moving house quickly isn’t as difficult as you may think. Here are a few tips that might just help you out…

Plan Your Packing Supplies

Firstly, it’s a good idea to plan out exactly what packing supplies you’re going to need. If you’re moving extremely quickly, you won’t have much time to carefully stake out grocery stores to ask for boxes. There are packing calculators online that will help you figure out exactly what you need for your packing supplies regarding boxes, tape, and other materials. Then after you’ve figured that out, buy a little more than you think you’re going to need – you won’t have much time to spare and you definitely won’t be happy when you have to go out to buy still more packing materials.

So You Need To Move Quickly? Here's How To Do It

Ask For Help

If there’s a time to cash in all the favors people owe you, this is it. Calling in your friends and family is a great way to make sure that your packing goes as smoothly as possible, and also that the experience is somewhat bearable. You need to remember, though, that it isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun time, so don’t take offense if there are people who can’t make it. You should also make sure that you reward the people who show up with a great take-out meal, a few beers at the end of the day, and plenty of sincere thanks.

Ask For Help

Hire The Professionals

If you don’t have much time to move and you also have to juggle work and childcare on top of that, it may just be time to call in the professionals. Professional movers will pack up all your stuff in a way that keeps it safe and organized and that will prevent you from having sleepless nights about just how much you have to do. If you don’t think your back’s up to carrying large pieces of furniture, if you’re worried about hiring a truck if you simply can’t face days of intense packing, find out more about local moving companies and what they can do to help. It’s also a good idea to hire professional cleaning companies both for the property that you’re moving out of and the property you’re moving into, especially if they’re rentals – you want to make sure that you get your deposit back. 

Hire The Professionals

Make Sure You Pack Smart

You may be doing the whole thing quickly, but that doesn’t mean that you have to throw everything you own inboxes and hope for the best. Pack smartly – don’t take clothes off their hangers, use soft items like pillows and clothing to make sure that fragile objects don’t get broken, and above all else, keep labeling your boxes so you know where to find everything.

Moving quickly can be one of the most stressful experiences ever, but these tips should ensure that the experience is as painless as possible.


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