NYC Cake Tour

When you think of your perfect dessert, what comes to mind? The homemade apple pie that reminds you of home? Great big cream and chocolate filled pastries that feel like you’re in Italy? Or perhaps you prefer the more subtle flavors of your favorite lemon drizzle cake, glazed with a sticky marmalade concoction? Check our NYC Cake Tour below…

Whatever your idea of a perfect dessert, we bring you some of the best dessert houses in New York City. When you’re heading east on your city break, make sure you add this to your list of must-see destinations, 

NYC Cake Tour

Uncle Boon’s
You mean you haven’t had a toasted coconut sundae from Uncle Boon’s. It’s time to put things right and the next time you’re traveling through NYC, add this to your dessert bucket list.

You’ll find the restaurant at 7 Spring Street and inside you’ll find this amazing dessert complete with whipped cream, palm sugar, and candied peanuts. Don’t even bother with the main course, just make this dessert piled high the main meal of your day.

Lady M’s
There are six of these dotted around the city, so there’s no excuse for missing out on a green tea Mille crepe. Made with matcha, this deeply layered cake is both visually stunning and delicious and provides the perfect alternative to all that chocolate and cream.

Who doesn’t love a donut? But who loves a boring donut, not us. If that sounds like you then head down to 14 West 19th Street for a bite of the hibiscus donut. Forget your boring fried and sugared fayre, these donuts mean business.

City Cakes
You are almost literally in cake heaven when you set foot through the door of city cakes on 251 West 18th Street. The red velvet cake here is some of the best you’ll ever have. As you’re so close to that tourist attraction the High Line, it would be just perfect to take up some cake while you gaze across those city views. 

Need a break from all that cake and refined sugar? Head to the cool tranquil interiors of Olmsted and sample some frozen yogurt delights. We recommend giving the lavender flavor a spin. Delicate and not too sweet, it’s just right for a refreshing break from city life. Find the store on 659 Vanderbilt Avenue.

You might not want to stray too far from your favorite vanilla cake recipe but we promise you that if you take a chance on some of these delicious dessert hot spots you won’t be disappointed. Sure, NYC has a lot going for it with regular tourist attractions but eating your way around the city has got to be one of the best ways to see it and definitely one of the most delicious.

From fro-yo to luscious red velvet cake, there’s a city dessert out there to suit every taste and every budget. Get that eating itinerary planned and make your trip to the Big Apple, a culinary trip to remember and NYC Cake Tour.

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